The definition of Matrixing:

1. tendency for the human mind to interpret sensory input (that which is perceived visually, audibly or tactilely) as something familiar or more easily understood and accepted, and in effect mentally “filling in the blanks”. …

2. The natural tendency for the human mind to organize sensory input into something recognizable, such as seeing a face on the Moon.

3. The minds ability to find something familiar in an image that it doesn’t quite understand or recognize

Matrixing is a bunch of baloney. It’s a term that was made up by people who do not understand the Spirit Realm to describe what they and others are able see, but do not understand.

In the beginning of my research as an investigator – what I found was quite contrary to what I expected to find and also contrary to popular belief. I was capturing the same identifiable faces in multiple reflective surfaces over days, weeks, years and as I moved into experimenting with other forms of capturing Spiritual energy on camera, like smoke, I was capturing them there as well.

And in doing controlled research on Orbs with smaller physical particles like dust, flower, dirt – while they shared or could mimic some of the same characteristics, there were identifiable differences and no speck of dust, dirt or flower ever exhibited any color at all while Spiritual Orbs did.

Investigation teams out there that disqualify and immediately discount the existence of Spiritual Orbs are missing the boat. They aren’t doing their jobs as researchers and doing their due diligence in closely examining the evidence. It’s no different from a medical scientist knowing that a cell exists but not taking the time to examine it under the microscope to discover what makes it up, it’s characteristics, how it acts and reacts and what it is capable of doing.

Back then, I was beginning to learn that many of the physical laws applied in the spirit realm, they are just used in a different way there. And, at the same time there are laws there that mankind has yet to discover as well as matter there that has yet to be discovered. So now a whole other world has been opened up to me, thanks to our Creator, Yahweh, and those who faithfully serve Him who have provided the knowledge, which coupled with the research I have done and practice that has been put into developing my God-given abilities has brought about the understanding I share with all of you here.

The KEY is in placing your human physical realm expectations aside and opening your mind to the possibilities that exist in the Spirit Realm because when all you know is the Physical Realm and it’s workings and expect the Spirit Realm to operate in exactly the same manner, you are blinded to the true reality.


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