The ladder of the Spiritual War is being fought on four rungs. The first rung encompasses the Heavily Council. The Council Members confer with Christ, who in turn confers with his Father, Yahweh. The council is in charge of seeing that both sides of the war be fought according to the rules that have been laid out, including the Rules of Engagement. The Council is charged with refereeing the war and placing sanctions on either side that breaks the rules. In essence, the Council enforces the decrees of the Spiritual War. When Satan and his angels grossly violate the Rules, (which they do often) the Active Force of Yahweh sometimes comes into play as a warning to the opposing side that they can all be wiped out with but a mere wave of the Creator’s hand. The Active Force is best described as being energy that has the ability to completely surround and protect, or destroy, depending on the situation. It is the single most feared thing by Satan and his demonic army, as well as the Converts that work with them.

The second rung of the ladder consists of the Son’s of Light versus the Son’s of Darkness. There are Holy Angelic Forces that are deputized by the Creator to see that His will; the Sovereign Rule of the Creator Yahweh; is carried out. These are the Son’s of Light. The Son’s of Darkness are the angelic forces that have fallen from perfection which are Satan’s demons. Their plight is that of winning the Spiritual War. They oppose all factions that support Yahweh and Christ. Their confederates in this war are the Converts that refuse to accept Sovereign Rule and the human agents that seek to help Satan, his demons and the Converts to win this war.
The Cherubic Forces stations on the Earth are here to see that the Creator’s Will is carried
out. They also assist Christ’s followers by shielding them with the Complete Suit of Armor that
comes with their Faith in the Kingdom Message. They also act as protectors of those that do not yet know the Truth. In addition, their other duties are varied and include apprehension of spiritually tagged offenders that have crossed over to the other side and escorting those children who have crossed over.

On the third rung of the ladder are the Holy Ghost Observers that are in service to the
Creator and Christ. They too are governed by the Heavenly Council. The Holy Ghosts may not be
armed in this Spiritual War. They serve as observers as well as guides to help bring humans to the
understanding of what is going on in creation. They assist those with ministries to Christ and
observe all of Mankind as well as the two armies fighting the war. Holy Ghosts report infractions that they see concerning the violation of the rules to the Council. They also inform the Cherub Deputies of which humans have committed gross sins that warrant being Spiritually Tagged. Then they serve as witnesses against those humans when they are apprehended at transition.

The fourth rung of the ladder consists of Mankind, which is caught in the middle of a war
being fought from the Spirit Realm. The Holy side’s first three parts of the ladder assist Christ’s servants from each rung. As the Ministers spread the Gospel’s Truth concerning the Truth of the Kingdom, they are centered on by Satan, his forces and the Converts. But from Holy Ghosts all the way up the ladder to Yahweh, they are closely watched over as they pursue their ministries.


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