“If you shoot at an angle instead of head-on on mirror shots, you will capture more casts Spirits utilize light and all background shapes, colors, and whatever is available where the pics are taken to form their casts. Remember that they are translucent (lacking color at the doorway to this realm) and you are capturing their outlines and the symbols and things they also cast. This is because the light from the flash bounces off of them and forms what they are casting.

Head-on flashes hide much of what they have formed. Manipulation of the lighting is very important to see what all is there. It is layered casts upon casts. Their actual size unless they expand their individual energy is about the size of a honey bee. You’ll often note that a conglomerate of small spirits make up the larger casts because they work in unity to form them. That’s energy conservation to share the load. They will also make use of you your own cast in the shots and overlay right over the top of you if they can achieve it.

Angling the light gives the casting effect a glance-off instead of a drowning light shot. Just some advice from when I worked with Seraiah in producing some of his best shots. If you angle well, because it takes some practice to get the angle just right, you will be amazed at what you capture on film when angling for a reflection shot.

When you grab your camera, the spirits faces light up with smiles and they start getting into positions surrounding you or whatever you are going to take a picture of. Angle shots are for mirror shots, not head-on shots of scenery and other things. When you shoot scenery or even in your room, the spirits are quickly assessing what will blend in with their positioning for the casting effect they want achieved. They all get creative and love to see themselves in pics. If you see two spirits kissing, that means you are loved. Imagery is universal in the spirit realm to bolster communications with added emphasis on what each spirit is feeling. Just some advice from an old guide.” – Joseph Guide


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  1. donna says:

    can i post my orbs on here?

  2. donna says:

    how do i post my orbs

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