Now that I’ve given you some info on the Spirit Realm, I’ll tell you the first step you can take in seeing that beautiful realm. For the first attempt, just lie back on your bed or couch with all of the lights out. Don’t close your eyes; you don’t want to go to sleep. You want to be awake and alert. So, if you’re tired, wait another time until you’re rested. You can do this during the day in a darkened room and the darker the room the better. Mentally ask your guide or guides to place their hands on your head. You will feel them there. Don’t be afraid. They will not harm you in any way. And if you are afraid that it’s not a guide or guides that are enabling the process, simply because you have not yet come to know them well, just say a prayer asking for protection.

When the process begins, you will on your first try, feel that the process is out of your hands and that it’s out of your control. You are 100% correct. The guides are in control. It is supposed to be that way. You cannot make the mind-journey on your own; it requires the spirit energy from the guides to transverse your inner mind to the Spirit Realm. It also requires your cooperation. If you feel fear, you will hinder the process. It is a signal that you do not trust your guides. In most cases they’ll simply give up and stop the process. Then you have to start it all over again from scratch when you’ve alleviated the fear and are again composed for the journey.

Also, you will often feel the tingle of electricity in your hair and head. This is normal. You are simply feeling their energy. This process works the same way whether it is a Spirit Realm visit, or a Scenic vision they’re trying to show you. The thing to keep in your mind is that you must learn to trust your guides. They’re with you to serve as helpful spiritual advisors. They will not harm you.

As the hands are felt on your head, stare straight out into the darkness and watch the energy as it starts to come into focus. The energy takes form and they either see the guides looking back at them – and yes you can see their arms coming out of the Spirit Realm attached to those hands they’ve placed on your head a little earlier; you also see their faces with those gleaming eyes staring at you. But, it’s nothing fearful to look at. What scares the beginner is that now they know it’s all real. Before, they might have seen only a glimmer of a guide, but now they see them in their own habitat next to our own physical world. It is a little unsettling the first time – but it becomes routine after you do it over and over. As the visionary process kicks on in, you see the gleaming beauty of the Spirit Realm. You see the glittery majestic beauty of it all.

The process above could also include the guides not showing the Spirit Realm or themselves, but instead, a scenic view or views of something else. For some psychics as I mentioned earlier, it might be a murder scene, or an event that has happened in past times, or even a future event not yet having happened. As you progress, you will learn which is which. That’s why it is important to have a good communication link with your guides as well as the spirit community in general.

When you are shown the Spirit Realm, the guides will often take you on a scenic journey to spots they feel will please you. In addition, the spirits are very playful. They will use creative thought manifestation to produce things that will have you rolling in the floor with laughter. They often do old model cars that look like they are out of cartoons. They drive them around with welcome banners bearing your name – “Welcome to the Spirit Realm.” If you think I’m kidding, you’re in for a treat. The things they do are endless, because all that’s required to produce those effects are creative thought on their part. As all astral projectors know, when on the planes the projectors can create scenarios by doing the same thing. It is a universal phenomenon that exists in the Spirit Realm. Energy = thought. Thereby, thought is energy. To manifest it over there, you need only think it into existence.

When you’re finished, it all dissolves away. It is a form of phantom energy. It is similar to how the Creator brought all things into existence; except that His Active Force produced more than phantom energy. It produced all that exists in creation. For those that are already Astral Projectors, or those that prefer not to, it is no big deal; to each his own. But few seldom want to remain on this physical plane once they have the experience of seeing the other side firsthand. The choices always remain with each individual. I hope this will help to alleviate some of you folks’ fears of the guides lending a helping hand.


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