Revelation 12:7-12 reveals why the Detention Plane came into existence. When Satan and his angels (demonic forces) were hurled down to the earth on June 30, 1908, the Azmon barrier was then put into place. Eyewitnesses in the town of Kirensk and nearby towns at the same distance recollected the fireball flashing across the sky.

The purpose of the Azmon Barrier was and is, to keep Satan and his demonic forces contained down here to continue testing out Mankind. If the Detention Plane did not exist, Satan and his demons would be free to roam creation. The very fact that it speaks in those Scriptures cited that War broke out in Heaven and Satan and his demons battled, reveals there is an army of both good and evil forces that are involved in warfare.

Revelation 13 speaks of “a beast coming out of the sea.” The sea is within the Detention Plane. It (the sea) represents the population of the planet. The beast represents the Ant-Christ that will soon come forth to mislead the rest of Mankind for a short time. Since all things are centered on Mankind and this planet, as well as Satan and his demonic forces, it was necessary to see that Satan and his forces stay confined within the Plane of Magog until all prophecies are fulfilled. This is the purpose of the Detention Plane. Keep in mind that Satan and his demons do not have an empire of structures. They are spread out over the globe in equally divided semi-secured sections to keep them from amassing in one spot on the globe, and to ensure that the testing of Mankind is worldwide. Although the demons don’t have structures, they’re permitted to form walls of energy around their Safe Zones for privacy. However, many of their Safe Zones are open to sight. It is
mainly the ones that Satan uses for planning out his War strategies and for use as hideouts when he is being sought, that he surrounds in walled energy.”

The Cherubic Order’s Security is divided into sections that extend around the globe. There are Safe Zones where Satan’s forces can train and plan out war strategies. No Cherubs may enter them without Council approval. This divided security is in place to force Satan and his angels to follow the Rules about not amassing his forces in one spot on the glove. And just as the Cherubs are rotated around the planet, Satan is also permitted to have his troops rotate on cycles by trading off on sections with his other forces. In addition, Satan and his upper echelon that make up his High Command are allowed to travel to all the different sections without hindrance from the Cherubs that form the lines of Security around the globe.

Because there are millions of demons on the detention plane, the Cherubic Order has each Security Section numbered for reference. Satan’s safe zones are also numbered and kept track of by which section it is in. The security sections go from the apex of the planet’s glove in eight sections.

The zone numbers are known to each Cherub, but are not casted in any form in the Spirit Realm.
Another thing not shown is the Cherub Patrols. They search for spiritually tagged offenders in each section that have crossed over. It is possible for a tagged offender, or even demonic troops to go over, or break through the security barriers set up by the Cherubs. But all infringements by fallen angels are sanctioned by the Council, which costs Satan something from his side. It can range from a Top Member of his war staff to that of the loss of a safe zone. It all depends on the nature of the infringement and what is sanctioned against his side.


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