The difference between the angelic creations and the Holy Ghosts is that the angels are fired from a spiritual furnace that gives them more makeup of their celestial body; whereas, the Holy Ghosts are not fired from the spiritual furnace (seen in the photo to the left); instead, they are transformed by Christ’s energy which comes from the Creator.

Prior to him becoming Christ, he was the Word, but the transformation still rested with him. However, the spiritual furnace is the Creator Yahweh’s transformation, combined with the Word’s transformation that makes the angels more powerful.

This is why the Holy Angels are subject to both, but they are set a part from the actual Kingdom of Christ as deputies of his and Yahweh’s thrones.

The basics are this: When killed, they can be compared to our human body. When we die a physical death, we are dead in the physical sense. Our soul (or energy that is contained within that physical container) makes transition to the other side, If we pass through the Light, Christ transforms our bodies as we pass through. Until then, we are in a neutral state. That also explains some things about the Converts. They are in a neutral position, or energy phase. But getting back to the example, our human bodies must go through a deterioration phase as it breaks down from physical death; and just as we recognize our loved ones at the first stages of physical death, they all lose their features and go back to dust, which is what our physical bodies are comprised of. The same holds true with the angels killed on either side of this War. The exception is that the Cherubs that hold their integrity to the Creator, even up to death. They are taken before the very presence of the Creator and reanimated in the spiritual furnace.

Do you see that the celestial body, whether it be an angels or a Holy Ghost, that it is surrounded by a second energy that is connected to the body of celestial energy, and that’s what they use to cast, fly, walk, etc? It can take on any shape or size within reason. They can cast a ship, a plane, a person – or virtually anything they desire; all done with the catalyst of pure thought.

That’s exactly what that outer layer of energy, runs on. Thought is gasoline to the energy. But, it must be recharged and if it dwindles, they cannot cast. The recharge of energy not only recharges their outer layer of energy, but it also strengthens their reserve – which is actually the Celestial body they possess. Though comprised of different types of energy by the two, one being for the Celestial body, and one acting as the arms and legs, and giving them the ability to appear to take on almost any size or shape, they both feed off of the most abundant thing in creation – raw energy. When drawn or taken within for the recharge, it is assimilated into the two different types of energy. Spirits are actually of that size and all else is theatrics – from either side of the spectrum.”


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