When you close your eyes to go to sleep, you enter the Astral Plane as you begin to dream. This is “phantom energy.” Phantom energy cannot be harmed; that’s why your mind can create and play out a scenario on the Astral Plane and never be harmed, even if you dream you’ve been mortally wounded. In contrast, the astral body can be affected by physical energy.

When you enter the Astral Plane through your dreams, you use what is known on the Astral Plane as “creative thought.” The things your mind thinks up, those things are created on the Astral Plane. If you have fears, you might very well create your own nightmare out there, but it is not real. It is simply energy converted for a scenario that is played out in your dream. On the Astral Plane as an astral projector, via the astral body, you will often witness these dreams taking place. They look like scenes of a movie being played out. As the person nears the wake state, the scenes dissipate and dissolve away. They are also capsuled within a bubble that looks much like an Orb. That’s how you can tell that it is a dream in motion. As you watch the bubble dissolve, you know the dream is coming to a climax. And through this dream bubble phenomenon (if you’d like to call it that), guides often enter the bubbles to give messages to their human subjects.

People do not realize it, but even when you close your eyes, you are seeing into the Spirit Realm. Your mind is the doorway to that realm. For most people, it is pitch black, dark, or shadowy; for others, they see vivid things upon closing their eyes.


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