The first and main thing that you have to throw out with the bathwater when it comes to the paranormal is the belief that ghosts are the same size and shape as humans. They are not. In fact, they are much smaller.

We humans are a creation that is set to the environment that we were pro-created (birthed) into. Our size is appropriate for our planet, just as Dinosaurs were appropriately sized to eat the Earth’s tall vegetation long ago. But in the Spirit Realm, it is not size that counts. It is measured by the power they possess.

This is illustrated in the photo to the left, which was taken in a mirror in my house. You can see the upper portion of my head behind the flash of the camera, and to the right of that my shield, which is made up of Holy Angels of the Cherubic Order.

Many Ghost Hunters consider only a full body apparition to be a “true ghost” and this is just simply due to ignorance. I too, believed the same before I learned better. In fact the one ghost I had seen up until that time WAS a full body apparition (only it had no feet). But in truth the spiritual body is not the same as the physical body. It is made up of a finer matter than any human scientists have yet to discover and it is more closely related to mist or steam than anything else.

Because in the Spirit Realm everything is controlled by thought, it only takes thought for a spirit to cast in any way, shape or form they choose but in reality they are the size of a bumble bee because their size is in direct relation to the environment in which they exist, just as it is for us here in the Physical Realm on earth.

The energy that makes up the celestial body, it is different. It is still positive energy on the one side, and negative on the other; but, there is also another energy attached to the celestial body’s energy. It too is positive and negative as corresponds to the opposing forces. But it, the outer energy, is like a shroud over the celestial body. With it, either side casts the images they want seen. They can cast in virtually any size that does not deplete the reserve energy they possess. Underneath though, they have the same bodies. The poles of energy are simply opposite one another. Now I think I understand the term “Opposing forces”. It’s like the poles of a magnet.

Space is conserved merely by the true size of spirits. They can draw the outer layer of energy to a minimum and move freely as Orbs to transverse wherever they please.

How small are they actually? Do you recall the man who called himself legion in the Scriptures because legions of demons had entered him? Spirits make themselves appear to be larger, but they cannot make themselves appear to be smaller than their Celestial bodies are.


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  1. […] This is another photo that contains many orbs within it. However, as in the first photo, there are also actually many spirits casting as well. Do not expect them to be human sized, because they aren’t. Size is relative in the Spirit Realm. […]

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