The Azmon Barrier is comprised of layer upon layer of Holy Angels that literally surrounds the earth and the entrance to the upper planes of the Spirit Realm. The purpose of the Azmon Barrier is to divide the upper planes from the lower planes and in essence is a “wall” of Angels that protect those who should not be entering the upper planes from entering.

In addition to the Azmon Barrier and as in any war that is fought here on earth, there are also Quadrants and Safe Zones divided out encompassing the entire earth. It is called the Detention

The Detention Plane is also called the Plane of Magog, as well as the Land of Magog. Ezekiel 38:2 makes mention of Satan as Gog, and “the land of Magog” in prophecy. Ironically, Satan now uses the name Gog. Also read Ezekiel 39:1-6. It entails the prophecy of what will happen to Magog and the human troops that help Satan (Gog) in his assault against those awaiting the second Rapture.

The Detention plane is the area that is enshrouded by the Azmon Order of Holy Angels. It is in the vicinity of the planet Earth and extends to the Azmon barrier in outer space in all directions. The Azmon barrier completely enshrouds this planet like fishing net over the entire globe. It is heavily fortified in a vast layer upon layer of Holy Angels that make up the Azmon Order; the Azmon Order was created by taking Holy Angels from all Orders except for the Seraphic Order and the Cherubic order.


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