We all, both the physical and spiritual, exist within Yahweh. The most important thing to understand when it comes to the Spirit Realm is that it’s around us at all times and not in another dimension or far off location. It is comprised of upper and lower planes. Everything that is there is also here because it was from there that everything here came from to begin with. The Spirit Realm is hidden from those of us in the Physical Realm by a veil. That veil will be fully lifted at Armageddon and everyone who is left on the planet will be able to see with their own eyes what existed around them the entire time. Revealing it is what this blog is all about.

The truth is that the Spirit Realm existed even before the physical or visible realm. Everything is layered on top of each other. When you are on the Astral Planes, you are in the Spirit Realm and it in its most simplistic terms, opposite of the visible realm. The scientific mind cannot grasp the invisible realm because they think in terms of human logic. However, the thing to remember is that a spirit is no longer human. They have excelled above flesh and blood. That’s why the Creator says they cannot come to fully know or understand how it works. They are stuck in a rut of simplistic human minds. What they seek to find out scientifically does not exist on a chart or scale that they can ever come to understand. It is beyond their comprehension, because compared to the spirits and their home in the Spirit Realm, those that are science minded are on the scale of a monkey. For example, can they understand spirit manifestations? They think it’s a trick of the mind, so how can they ever understand the Spirit Realm if they can’t even comprehend a simple thing like spirit manifestations?

The Spirit Realm (Heaven) is a plane of existence, with other planes interwoven within the Spirit Realm’s fabric. Even if you go to one of the upper planes, you are still on the primary plane of the Spirit Realm itself. In the Spirit Realm, the spirits refer to other planes as “Planes of Existence” but they are all connected to and a part of the Spirit Realm’s plane of existence. Here’s an example. If you roped and pulled the moon against the earth, it would still be a different place than the earth, but now it would also be part of it, simply because the two are now connected to each other. But, when you stepped onto the moon, you would be in a different place than the earth. Both are a part of the physical plane we all live within.

As far as what it looks like, you have to remember that everything in the Spirit Realm is also here in the Physical Realm. What is there, is here because it was there before here existed. The thing to remember is this; there are many on this earth may feel in their minds that they are above us average people in a level of intelligence. For instance, one example would be the scientific community. To them, intellect is the prime thing to have and boast their claims of “We are smarter than all of you. We can figure everything out with a slide rule.” In my line of work within the paranormal community, there are people who believe that the existence of spirits will only be proven when we can produce results on demand. They want everything to be explainable, predictable and measurable when that’s not what it’s meant to be or ever will be.


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