Can you describe fire? Can you describe the universe? Is fire only fire? Doesn’t it change as it burns? Is the universe only stars, planets, asteroids, meteors, comets and things you have yet come to know? How can you come to envision the Father with physical eyes?

The Father is the most awe inspiring of anything in existence. If you looked upon him you would
see pure white light like that of undriven snow, only brighter. It would consume you with His love.
That is Father.

Christ is a celestial being. He was the first. From him our pattern was set. He does not look like his past human features. And now, he is the exact image of Father. To look upon him is to look upon Father. He is only lessor in that he receives his power and authority from our Father.

Do you understand? The “power” is real power – not just a cliché of him being in power as the Christ. That’s what I gather. His authority is only subject to that of his Father Yahweh. No one is above Christ except for the Creator. All life stems from the continued existence of Father. Without Him there would be no life. He is not only the life giver, but also the life sustainer.

(The photo included with this post is a photo of Yahweh on His/Her throne. It is a cast.)


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