This photo shows a Holy Angel casting in smoke. Casting is done in the Physical Realm and the Spiritual Realm. What is “The cast effect,” and how is it really performed?

It is a unique way of composing both pictorial messages combined with lettering and symbols. The process requires not one single mind, but many minds to help in bringing out the messages and placing everything uniformly in a pattern that goes within the 360 circumference. That meaning, no matter how you turn your head to look at a cast in nature, or you turn a pic, you are going to see uniform casts. The first thing a group of holy ghosts will do prior to forming the casts, is to observe the area the cast will be formed within. Then they incorporate all shapes, colors, and anything useful into the cast effect. In some casts there will be literally thousands of spirits involve.

The same is true of the demonic casts. When you think you are seeing a full human-like demon via a shadowy looking energy mass that takes on that form, and then you see it become more hideous looking, or perhaps change shape to an serpent or possibly a dragon, that is nothing more than hundreds and possibly thousands of demons forming those types of casts. They simply alter their ganged-energy shape to form the next LOOK they are trying to achieve. But the reality is they do not look anything like the cast. It is all performed for effect. Like when a human puts on a mask for Halloween. It’s not real. It is a mind game with them to instill fear. If you were to watch them closely while the cast is taking place, it will begin to fade away. This is because the amount of energy expended is a large amount to maintain the cast even by thousands of spirits burning off their energy reserves.

For this reason, casts are continually fading out as new ones come into view. The new casts are by other spirits in the cluster that are partially recharged for the next cast effect. Then those that fade down their energy, they are talking the time to partially recharge for when it comes their turn to again cast another part of what they are conveying. What happens if you will watch closely, is that move down towards the floor as if they were dissolving.They break apart and look like tiny people moving about. Then a closer inspection reveals literally hundred if not thousand of tiny spirits were a part of the vast amount of energy you were viewing.

And this is why the man that Jesus exorcised demons out of in olden times said that many had entered him:

Luke 8:30 “What is your name?” Jesus asked him. “Legion,” he said—because many demons had entered him.”

A legion consists of 6,000 and it is an old time known fact that the Roman legions consisted of that amount of soldiers. And that is why Jesus expressed the known fact when he stated the amount of each legion of holy angels he could call on to deliver him if he had wanted to back out of the Ransom Sacrifice deal he had made with our Mother:

Matthew 26:53 “Or do you think that I cannot call on My Father, and He will provide Me at once with more than 12 legions of angels?”

12 legions alone would have consisted of 72,000 warriors, and he could have called on Mother for more than just 12 legions. Although I think 72,000 would have been enough to decimate the Roman army and all others opposed to Jesus.

The same holds true for the holy side. Literally a multitude of spirits can be involved in forming casts and usually are.


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