Before now, we could only imagine what Holy Angels must look like. But with today’s technology and Father’s permission, we are blessed with the opportunity to see Angels with our very own eyes.

These photos were given for the purpose of being included in the book titled Chosen: End Times Truths Revealed and the following is an excerpt:

One day not long after I’d learned all about how spirits use energy to manifest, the Messenger said, “Diana, you should see the Cherubs. They are dressed in their shiny armor and sparkling with radiance. Before this night ends, I’ll try and capture one of them on film. It will probably be my CC or XO, because yours is about to leave from here. They’re all proud (me too) of your efforts.”

“I can’t wait until I can see them! It’s weird, because although I’ve never met either of them personally, I feel my heart overflowing with love for them both as if I had.” I responded.

“You will see them. And when you do, you will be so awe struck. It’s hard to describe, because you can’t capture their true essence on film. If you can imagine them sparkling with a gazillion colors, and light arcing from point to point all over their bodies, you will have a fair representation of what a magnificent site they are. It’s strange though. When a cherub is killed in battle, his sparkles fade and the arcing ceases. The light also no longer passes through the body. It just looks hollow and transparent. It’s the same with the demons. The life force is gone. But, with the Cherubs, they (the ones killed) are taken before the Creator to the spiritual furnace they were first created six million years ago in, and reanimated. As long as they (all Holy angels) keep their integrity to Him, they will be brought back to fight another day.”

“It sounds like the Creator has given them the same gift he’s given us. Because in a way, when we die, we are reanimated too – brought back to the same place we came from. It just shows that he loves us both equally.”

“Yes, it’s basically the same.” He agreed, “The only real difference is that they were never
promised eternal life with Christ. They have never sinned. If you sin and you’re perfect, my CC (Cherub Commander) said there’s no where to go but down. To fall from perfection is to lose integrity. Like with Satan and his angels, they cannot ever attain perfection again; they once were, but lost it. With humans, they were born into sin by a perfect pair of humans that lost integrity. But, Christ took that sin away from them through his offering of a perfect life (his own) on the Cross of Salvation. Unfortunately for Satan and his fallen angels, there is no secondary sin caused by once-perfect parents; mainly because the angels are direct creations and not born from parents as we are. Had Adam and Eve not sinned, we all would have been born into perfection. But, Satan threw a monkey wrench in the works and has caused six thousand years of misery for everyone concerned. It’s really a sad situation. But, we have to do what we have to do to right things with the Creator. Eventually, all of creation will live in peace.

Cherub Worship just like any worship aside from the worship of the Creator is a big no-no, so don’t do it. This warning suffices in taking any blame off the Cherubs. The Messenger’s CC also said that actions can result in blame – even for Holy Angels. That’s why he was so concerned and why the message of DO NOT WORSHIP THE ANGELS is so important. Satan got himself in trouble by taking an action that did not meet with the Creator’s approval. This warning gives notice and puts it square on anyone’s back that violates it. What is most important to understand that these Majestic Angels are not gods unto themselves.

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