This is just one photo of literally thousands of spiritual orbs that I have captured over the years via camera and video.

Paranormal Investigators are always looking for the almighty and ever elusive “full body apparition” and many people have seen them with their own eyes, but few have ever actually captured the with cameras or on video. My theory was that it had to take an enormous amount of energy for them to manifest. It had to be why they were so hard to capture and why when seen with the naked eye they disappeared as soon as the person realized what they were seeing. Even the “Shadow Person” I’d encountered personally only lasted maybe a minute or more – long in comparison of what others had seen.

The form of an orb is just one of the many ways that Spirits manifest. It takes an enormous amount of energy for a full size apparition. He went on to explain that the rule in the Spirit Realm is this: Conserve energy – less time recharging. For a single ghost or angel, unaided in a full apparition, it would smell like a melt down of a huge transformer due to the high amounts of energy it would consume in order to manifest. However, if a combined effort caused the apparition, it would smell less. The way you can tell if more than one spirit did the apparition is to see if you see the collage effect. If it’s not present, which would be a rarity on that type of cast, it means one single spirit did the apparition. That would then mean (hours in our time) for a full recharge to be effective. And since they cannot maintain unwavering energy consumption, the energy depleted causes the apparition to fade out quickly.

Furthermore, when a spirit is recharging, it means that they are more or less “out of commission” for that period of time. It would be comparable to us needing sleep. For the time that they are required to fully charge back up to peak, they must remain in one spot. They take in raw energy – the most abundant thing in creation. They usually take in the raw energy, just like we do in our Chakras centers (quite similar) and it converts to the energy they burn off of. The excess on the recharge is kicked back off around the area they recharge and then dissipates. They can recharge anytime they want to though. If they do it early, it maintains the peak energy level with a short recharge cycle. This is another reason they cast in tandem. When casts have been performed, they all do a quick recharge to come back to peak.

Something else I found interesting had to do with the Aura. The aura is the glow you see from energy being consumed. To them, the spirits, the energy flow is like our blood flow except they use it up without casting, which would eventually require a booster recharge. Everything in the Spirit Realm runs on energy. It is emitted from the Creator. If the Creator died (but cannot) all life would cease to exist. That’s why Satan never intended to seek anything more than a lessor godship position. He knows that without the Creator he would not be able to maintain what little life force he has. In addition, when it comes to manifesting there is a “ribbon In addition, when it comes to manifesting there is a “ribbon material” that they use. It’s made from a finer material that they’re composed of. It also has to do with the Orbs that we so often find in paranormal photographs.

The basic equation is that when they go through the veil to our side, they show up as an Orb and that Orb is a collection of their energy. The mind opens the door to the energy, and they cast whatever they want us to see. Often, the Cherubs remain as Orbs only. It just depends mainly on how far they want to go in casting their energy and particles of material. Orbs both reflect light and reflect light. Light produced from their energy – reflection from their matter. The producible light is generally beyond our ability to see on the spectrum which is why cameras with infrared light capabilities pick them up so much easier. Orbs are the preferred way most cast. It contains energy and particles because it itself is composed of both. It’s an easy and efficient way to transverse the Spirit Realm. Energy also acts as a catalyst for forming the manifestations from their finer material. So, when we are able to see their swirling energy, that’s their true form, that we are not yet able to comprehend. Then, it casts a form we recognize. Only because we’re frail humans does it look like swirling energy, and that’s as close as we can get on this side to seeing what they really look like before we have made the transition ourselves.


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  1. donna says:

    can u take a look at these orbs 4 me please ??oh no how do i upload them ?

  2. pat says:

    why do they have the s symbol in them?

  3. andrea crisp says:

    I was taking a picture of my mom at the cedar bar in Newark,ohio and I was about to take the picture and this bright white light jumped infront of the camera as I went to take it. it scared me because I seen it before I actually took the picture and I was the only one who had seen the light and it appeared in the picture right across my moms face. does anyone know what this means???

  4. Kelly Trimble says:

    I have dozens of pictures & one video I have taken if these things in my back yard for the last year & a half. I have sent them to dozens of these sights and not one will get back to me or even give me their opinion of what the hell they are! Will you people PLEASE take a look and get back to me ?

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