The cropped and circled photo to the left is of my main guide Trudy. My maternal grandfather, Julius, is also my guide. They have been with me my entire life.

There are a lot of books on the market and websites created that contain false or partial truth information when it comes to Religion, Spirituality, the Paranormal the Supernatural as well as Christianity. You have to be careful, trust your inner voice and ask the Holy Spirit in discerning fact from fiction. There are many unseen players in this Spiritual War who wish to lead those of us on the physical plane astray and keep them from knowing the truth because they feel that it will ultimately cause prophecy from coming to pass. Unfortunately, many psychics and people in general fall victim to these unseen players’ deception. Not to mention that many psychics have gotten rich along the way as well.

These unseen players are most commonly Converts or Demons and they are extremely deceptive to the point to where even the psychic doesn’t realize that they are actually being deceived. Most often while the Convert or Demon claiming to be their guide is “preaching” love and light they are gaining the trust and faith of their channeler (psychic). Once they’ve gained that channeler’s faith and trust the psychic then passes along the incorrect information to those on the physical plane they are unknowingly misleading these people and who are ultimately causing them to stray further away from the Scriptures and the Creator’s Word.

I’ve learned that if someone’s theories or claims don’t include reference to the Creator and the Scriptures then the information is most likely either completely false or only half-truths.

As for what people commonly refer to as Guardian Angels, they are not Angels. Some
people refer to them as Spiritual Guides, teachers or masters. In actuality they are Holy Ghosts and Holy Ghosts once lived in the physical realm as humans just like you and I. When they died and crossed over is the point in time in which they became Holy Ghosts and then in order to become Guides, they petitioned the Holy Council for permission.

Holy Ghosts work hand in hand with the Holy Angels. They act as guides and observers. Everyone on the Creator’s side is in union with each other. You can also volunteer to be a guide. The Council lets the Holy Ghost pick someone. It does not matter whether there is already a guide with that person. There are far more willing guides than there are humans. Some guides choose infants. The guides remain with them until they pass over, or a break is caused. That happens in cases like my own. If you side with Satan, you lose any guide(s) that you might have had.


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  1. […] The deliverance comes with the Rapture. If any of you should pass over beforehand, deliverance still exists through the spirit realm as a Holy Ghost. […]

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