The purpose of psychic exercises is to break through the wall of the Spirit Realm. It develops your second sight. But I forewarn you, that NOT ALL is good that you will see from time to time. And when you KNOW or FEEL that you are really in tune with this process, you will actually see a power source around you.

The more you practice this ability, the greater your power source will grow. One other caution: You cannot JUST TURN THIS OFF if you develop it. It will be with you from now on. So, you decide whether you want it or not. If not, then leave it alone. Once fully developed, you might not be able to see in a non-transfixed posture.

The exercise to start off: I’ve put the scene of a picture on. Please stare at one spot on the picture. Stare and concentrate all of your effort into that one spot. Let your eyes transfix. Do you know what that means (transfix)? If you don’t understand, go to your mirror and look above your eye (forehead) on the right side of the mirror. That spot is above the eye, not into the eye. When your eyes transfix in a relaxed manner you will see a blurred or double of yourself. That’s the transfixed gaze you’re after. Do it the same with the picture on this exercise.

After a while you will see a milky transparent haze form, then clear. Don’t take your eyes off of the picture. 

If you have second sight at all, you will see into the other realm. What you see, that will determine whether or not you want to move on and further develop your gifts. 

P.S. The above exercise will not fully develop your ability in this region of Psychometry. It is safe. But if you advance any farther with additional exercises, YOU WILL DEVELOP the Advanced Abilities that go with this. So, if after trying the above, you are NOT HAPPY with what you feel about it, then LEARN NO MORE.


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  1. […] you develop your second sight though, and become more familiar with how they appear and the ways in which they cast, it becomes […]

    • denisio matranga says:

      what does it mean if i knew how to do it since i was 3 and had an accident where i cracked my head & blackedout seeing a golden glowing man pop into my face?i figured out how without trying like something helped me instead of possessing me

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