For those of you that were successful in the first exercise I gave, and you would like to now develop the advanced abilities I spoke of, this will be the second exercise that will help to open up your mind further to your new gift. However, for those of you that do not want to develop this ability, then leave this and all future exercises I post here alone.

This exercise will begin the process, and there might not be a turning back, even if only accomplished once. 

For those that want to develop this ability, FOCUS your attention to the CENTER of this picture and transfix your gaze there until it becomes milky white, and keep holding. Notice that the colors and objects will be absorbed into your mind. Don’t be afraid, just let the process flow through your mind, and watch for the dramatic change, but NEVER break the transfixed gaze until the revelation completes itself. If you don’t experience the revelation, then you need to keep practicing this exercise until you do.


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