Friends, this is a 4 part exercise. The first part is designed to bring your bridge to its full completion, spanning from your mind to the Spirit realm. It will MAKE a permanent connection.

When you view the first picture, look at both yellow circles at the same time and transfix your gaze on them.

When they split into 4 yellow circles, you’ll notice that they split apart in two to each side, with a space in the middle.

What you want to do, is to hold your transfixed posture until the two opposing middle yellow circles are connected to each other.

When this happens, hold your gaze at this transfixed point. However, if they separate again, then concentrate to reconnect the two center yellow circles. Do not worry about the outer yellow circles. The center circles represent the bridge being connected from both the Physical Plane to the Spiritual Plane.

When you have them firmly connected, close your eyes for a count of 5, then open them again. If they stayed together as you again transfix, you are bridged, if not, re-connect as explained.

Continue to close your eyes and open on a count of 5 until the yellow dots remain connected in the center with each new transfix. 

To further clarify. When you open your eyes, then re-transfix, the middle yellow circles should be joined as the posture occurs again. If not, then you should repeat until you accomplish the feat.


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