Well, we are back to the Scenic view I posted on the first exercise; however, you’ll notice that I’ve inserted something new. This part of the exercise will tell you how far advanced the WIDTH of your bridge is, NOT whether or not your bridge is connected.

If you followed my instructions on the first part of this Exercise 4-A above, before proceeding to this second step, then you are bridged. But now, you will stare at both of the yellow circles and transfix your gaze on them.

When you do, the circles will move to your right. Your job is to see how many of the circles you can move off of the black area (by controlling the movement of the black area, separate from the yellow circles) and onto the Scenic view (by alternately controlling the movement of the yellow circles).

If you successfully move all 4 of the circles that you will be able to see onto the Scenic View, you will be at the level of bridge width I possess.

If you can only move one or two off, then you must practice this exercise until you have widened your bridge enough to move all four yellow circles off the black area and onto the Scenic View. How you move them off of the black area is your choice.


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