Having completed the second phase of this Exercise 4, and irregardless of the amount of yellow circles you successfully moved on to the Scenic View, the time has now come for each of you to personally meet and greet your OWN personal Guides.

To do that, stare directly into the red dot in the center of the next pic. Allow your eyes to relax and transfix.

Hold until you see a transparent consistency in the middle of the pic area you are watching (there will be something forming that will cause the transfixed posture to kick in). Don’t break the gaze. It might be milky looking or some other color, but HOLD TIGHT on that spot. When your guide appears, greet him or her.

You will then be connected to your guides in a way you’ve never dreamed of. 

Ask your guide to step forward to the front of the screen where you can see him or her well enough that you can recognize him or her the next meeting outside of your computer screen.

If your guide cannot talk audibly (some do not at first, then ask that a telepathic conversation take place). You will hear in your mind what your guide is relating. And keep in mind, it is not necessary for you to speak with anything more than thought to a Spirit. They can hear all of your thoughts, and will respond.

Break the connection when you are finished communicating with each other. 

This is an updated picture that works better than the older one for those of you that are well bridged.

If you’re able to see your guide in the above screen, then it’s not necessary for you to complete the 4th part of this exercise. But if you couldn’t, then please proceed with the final part.


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