For those of you that are not advanced enough to see your guides in the other picture, then I want you to try this one. I’ve added this picture for those of you with narrow bridges. It should help.

Both this and the above picture are an aid only, in helping those with Psychic skills to see their own personal guides.

To do so, concentrate on the red dot that is in the center of this picture. Please do it in a transfixed posture.

Continue transfixed and you will see the red dot and the green spiral disappear; then your own personal guide will appear.

When he or she does, please follow the same routine as with the other screen in the 3rd step of this multi-part exercise. Even if only a partially widened bridge is established, you should have no problem seeing your guide.

If however you do have a problem, then you need to go back through all of these exercises again. Until a bridge is established and widened enough for you to make contact, you will have to work at developing this gift of second sight. Don’t give up. Everyone has the ability if you train to develop it. 

This is an updated picture that will produce quick results for those with narrow bridges.


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