If you will concentrate on where the pain is when you are practicing this exercise, you will effectively deliver the golden healing energy to that area.

Please concentrate on the center of the ORB in a transfixed posture.

As you transfix, the ORB will widen, filling up the entire width of the square (with a glow) from side to side (do not worry if it does not fill up the top and bottom also on your first try. Eventually it will.)

As that process happens, please start a mental count from 1 – 15.

Then close your eyes lightly for a count of 1 -10.

If you do not see a golden screen by the time you have reached the 10 count, slowly open your eyes and please repeat the process several times.

Once you can see the golden screen vividly, please keep your eyes closed and then concentrate on sending that healing energy to your body’s specific ailment.

You will see the golden screen disappear.

You should then feel a tingly sensation in the area that you are suffering from.

Later, you should feel a marked improvement.


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