This photo was taken in yet another mirror a few years after the ones in the previous posts, using the techniques I’ve described.

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Above me even without marking his outline you can very clearly see the head and shoulders cast of a spirit.

To my left you can see the helmet of another. And covering the reflection of my own head. I have marked only the most obvious of casts, but there are actually many, many spirits in this cast and they overlap – you could look at this picture a hundred times, adjusting the lighting, rotating and seeing more and more each time.

Keep in mind too, that when it comes to the Spirit Realm and the Ghosts and Angels living in it, they have no vocal chords with which to communicate with us. So they way they do communicate is often pictorial.

And yes, they are able to manifest sound, and some psychics have the ability to both hear and see them, but message depictions via photos is a major way of communication from those beyond the veil to those of us here.


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