Moving on and keeping to the topic of Spiritual Photographs, I will share a few more involving mirrors with you now. They were taken several years ago, in the beginning of my journey into enlightenment and when I was just learning how to channel spiritual energy.

In the first photo is a very prominent cast of a Holy Angel of the Cherubic Order. They often cast wearing their armor to identify themselves. When viewing a spiritual photograph you should look at it carefully and in as many ways as possible.

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The Spirit Realm is multi-faceted. There is no up, down or sideways. Making the picture smaller will reveal larger casts. Making it larger will reveal smaller casts. Changing the color will reveal what is hidden. Rotating the picture will reveal still more.

While there are many more spirits in this photo, I have outlined him below. At times it is easier to see the larger casts by making the photo smaller or thumbnail size.

The next photo shows many casts also. But in particular we are looking at the cast of a man on a ladder, which I have circled and cropped below.

If you’re thinking that some of the casts seem cartoon-like, well, that’s because they are. Spirits are not limited on what they cast as. As a dear friend once told me, “They could cast as a hot dog if they were so inclined.” Why? Because in the spirit realm everything operates via thought. They simply think of how or what they want to cast and it happens. At the same time they can also lower their vibrations and appear much more human-like. But the most important thing to remember is not to expect them to look like you look when you look at yourself in the mirror. They are either not human (angelic) or were once human and are now a ghost / Spirit. They are made of a finer material (matter) than humans are yet to discover.

To understand the pictorial message that is being conveyed on you takes time as well as the guidance of guides. As you look the picture over, you will have an initial feeling and from there you are able to fit the pieces of the puzzle together and decipher the message. We will learn more as we go on how to decipher the messages conveyed in Spirit Photos.


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