In this photo I was experimenting with different ways to mark and change the lighting to help make the casts come out. Using a black piece of felt tacked to the wall behind me, and then cleaning the mirror with windex and being sure there are no streaks present, I took the picture and then after uploading the pictures from that session to my computer and using a graphics program, I first circled what I could see and then used the dodge and burn tool within each circle to help the casts come forward. In this photo you will see many faces circled.

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There is actually a conglomerate of spirits in this photo, but the one I was focusing on was the one that was most easily seen which is a cast of a female spirit with long blonde hair and a white gown who appeared to be holding out something in her hands – maybe a serving tray, indicating that either she, or I, am a servant of Yahweh.

I should also probably mention that over time, any mirror you use will begin to show a build up of spiritual energy. This is okay, and I’ve actually found that it helps the spirits to cast.


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