Yet another mirror, this time a hand-held one. It doesn’t matter what you use. It can be any size or shape. Any reflective surface will do. Here you see my Cherubic Shield Commander (a Holy Angel) and in this one he’s casted himself multiple times. You see, in the physical realm we are in a two dimensional world but in the spirit realm, they are multi-dimensional, so they are able to cast more than just once. It’s called a multi-cast.

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I have outlined the main cast which shows him in profile and wearing head armor. One of my holy ghost guides also casted at the bottom, holding a heart. This meant that she was sending her love. When spirits cast it’s a little like playing Pictionary, as their messages are visual rather than audible. Some other casts and symbols are also marked in red.

The third photo was using the same mirror, but on a different day and my Cherubic Shield Commander chose to cast a completely different way. Here you see him with his arm extended.

Next is the same picture with him outlined in red along with some other casts that appeared with him.

I’ve circled in red his second cast which shows him in profile looking to the right. You can also easily see the color of his blond hair.


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