Via experimentation, I’ve been able to determine how to best take photographs in the mirror. From the side, you want to stand so that the flash from the camera hits the surface of the mirror and bounces off.

From directly in front of the mirror, you want to attempt to cause the flash to “spray” the surface. Otherwise all you will see is flash and it’s very difficult to see the casts within the mirror. So hold the camera so that it’s angled very slightly up, or to either side. The more you experiment, the more you will learn and the better you will see.

Here is another mirror shot, showing many orbs as well as casts. This is the original unedited version and as you can see the flash bounced off the mirror and created a nice spray effect across the surface.

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This is two versions of the same photo, only with the lighting altered slightly using a graphics program. Generally, I use the “Curves” feature (this is available using the Mac OS program Gimp. I also recommend for PC) which allows me to lighten and/or darken at will. When I’m able to more easily see the casts within the picture I stop and save the photo to my desktop. I may go back several times though, reversing the color, making it lighter, darker, turning the picture around and sharpening to pick up more and more spiritual casts that are hidden within. This is a great photo, because there are many very easily seen Holy Ghosts and Angels that have casted within.

You’ll notice that the more you change the color and shading the more is revealed as you go through the process. It’s like peeling off the layers of an onion to get to what’s actually there.


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