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Probably the most well known aspect of spiritual photography, are orbs. These photos were taken by me and give very good examples of orb spiritual photography.

Many self proclaimed experts in paranormal studies discount orbs and because they don’t understand how the spirit realm works, they do not validate their existence and discount them as being dust or bugs. However, this is not the case. While dust and bugs can mimic a spiritual orb, careful study of the orbs that are captured will tell you whether it is spiritual or not.

When I was a budding paranormal investigator I began a study on these anomalies that spanned approximately three years. Thankfully, due to the help of the Holy Family and Holy Ghosts and Holy Angels, I captured photo after photo of Spiritual Orbs and I found that Digital cameras allowed for the more frequent capture of this form of spiritual energy but they can and are often captured using 35mm cameras as well as with video cameras and infrared cameras.

I should also mention that while two of the three photos shown here were taken in a cemetery, it is not necessary to visit one in order to capture orbs. Spirits are in the Spirit Realm and are around us everywhere, not just reportedly haunted locations and cemeteries.


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