The next step in learning how spirits cast and appear so that human eyes and the third eye can see them, is via reflective surfaces like mirrors. Spirits use the energy around them to cast and whether it’s in a mirror or plate glass or even the surface of water, spirits can be captured via photography.

Because I’ve done a lot of photo sessions using this medium for capturing spirits, I have a lot to show you, and I will try to show first what the untrained eye is able to see so that it’s easier for you.

Once you develop your second sight though, and become more familiar with how they appear and the ways in which they cast, it becomes easier and easier to see the casts that appear in spiritual photography.

In the Spirit Realm there is no Up or Down, so a single photo can hold literally hundreds of different spirits and casts. Since we’ve just discussed orbs as a form of spiritual energy, I am first sharing a mirror picture that features many orbs within it. Because spirits are translucent, I have found that having a darker background in the shot helps, which is why you see the poster board on the wall opposite the mirror.

This is another photo that contains many orbs within it. However, as in the first photo, there are also actually many spirits casting as well. Do not expect them to be human sized, because they aren’t. Size is relative in the Spirit Realm.



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  1. Grant says:

    I have caught ALOT of pictures through mirrors and reflective surfaces. Looked alot like demons and other people. Very scary stuff

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