Because of the Rules laid out in this Spiritual War, the Holy Ghosts are to serve as guides and observers, not protect humans from demons. They are not to interfere in the testing of human subjects; however, it happens and when it does, it’s a bending of the Rules. But, both sides bend the Rules, and Satan and his forces are the worst about doing exactly that. So, it all balances out. But, the Holy Ghosts are not armed to deal with the demons, and they’re prohibited from carrying a sword or taking an active part in physically fighting the demons. That job is decreed to be upon the Holy Angelic Orders that are armed.

Because of the prohibition placed upon the Holy Ghosts, it is an Orange Plane offense for any demon to come in physical contact with any spirit. That is a safeguard provided by the Creator, and it is so that the Holy Ghosts can operate freely without being hindered by the demons. It is also intended to provide safe passage out of the Magog detention plane and through the Azmon barrier to the 2nd plane where entry to the Light exists. Whether you’re permitted to enter or not is determined by the life you’ve lived. In some cases, there are tagged offenders that cannot pass through the Azmon barrier.

Satan and his demons are still under a hands-off policy. The Cherubs are the ones that deal with spirits on the lower Magog plane. The Powers Order deals with spirits in the upper planes. So, under the Rules laid out in this War, the Holy Angels are the deputies that enforce the Rules, and the Holy Ghosts are the guides and observers. They are also witnesses and act as such when vile acts are committed. They report directly to the Cherubs.

If you’re still wondering why the Holy Ghosts don’t just surround everyone to keep the demons away from Mankind, you also have to consider that they have no backing by the Heavenly Council to take that action. Although such an action would hinder the demons for fear of coming in contact with those ghosts, there would be no resolution or disposition to the demonic episode. That can only come through the Holy Angels that serve in an authorized capacity to handle the demons that overstep or bend the Rules themselves. In some incidents the demons must be killed. The Holy Ghosts do not possess the armament nor or they permitted to take that action against the demons. Instead, they are our guides and observers of the things that take place on this planet.”


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