Fear, being a weapon of Satan’s and his demons, is not the single thing that brings them through the mind’s door. It has to be coupled with the belief that demons can do harm to you. That is what happens when people read about them. They become afraid of the dark, because they are afraid of the evil they believe lurks there. In reality, that evil is present even in the daylight. But the very belief that they feel they are vulnerable is what gives the demons the opening they need to harass someone. So that is why I say that fear should be shut out. But, there is healthy fear also. It is fear generated from the natural instinct to survive. For example, you hear a window shattered in the middle of the night. That fear that you feel is for your safety. That is the difference. It is a different kind of fear. The other fear is generated by the mind, and it is a fear of the unknown of the spiritual world. That is the fear that Satan and his demons are permitted work off of. It is not a healthy fear, it’s detrimental. Another thing about this type of fear is that the demons can smell it – literally. It is their cue that a mind’s door is open. Under the Creator’s Rules, it gives them the right to enter your presence of mind. During that period, they can and will test you. It can be lengthy if a Cherub Watch is not taking place. So, shut out that type of fear. Don’t provide the very thing the demons can and will use against you. The fact that Satan is powerful, but limited as to how he can use those powers, gives reason enough to keep the door closed to him. With the door closed, he is powerless; otherwise, he is very powerful. But, the Creator has built in safeguards. The Cherubs.


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