Question: “I’ve encountered a “Shadow Person”. After being woken up with three sharp knocks on the wall it appeared next to my bed facing me and I immediately started reciting the Lord’s Prayer inside my head while we stared at one another…and it finally went away. Was it a demon or a convert?”

Answer: “Well, actually, I think it’s a toss up between the demons and the converts. The latter are ghosts that refused entry to the light, but are not candidates for the dark realms at present. Satan makes use of these spirits because they are not denied access to the upper 2nd plane(s) of existence; however, they do fall under scrutiny by the angelic deputies, both the Powers Order that police the upper planes, and the Cherubic Order that is on the lower plane. And, the converts are permitted, for a time, to side with those who oppose. But, not all ghosts that have failed to enter the light fall under “converts.” It is only those that feel drawn to Satan in this Sovereignty Issue. As our friend has stated elsewhere on this forum, many are in limbo. They’re not finished with the affairs of their previous life. Or, they just cannot let go of their past lives on earth. It is a hard transition for some ghosts when they cross over suddenly.

Your prayer would have worked against either of the two (demons or converts), since they are both united in the same cause. But even though the converts have access to the upper plane(s), they cannot do anything more than try to convert other spirits that have not yet passed through the baptismal Light that is ever present. That is their job on the upper plane(s). On the lower plane where we exist opposite via the physical realm, they act much like Satan’s dark forces do; except, they lack angelic power. They cannot create visions like Satan or his angels do; but they could manifest enough to appear as what you described – shadows. The converts want a reality that permits unhindered free will, just like ole Satan does.

But I should also note something. The converts often work in concert with the demons when on this lower plane, so they have a combined strength. Joseph will not reveal what the strengths are of the converts. But he has told me that they possess unique abilities that the demonic forces have been stripped of. Whether any converts have been banished to dark realms or the Orange Plane, I cannot get any information about. But I do know that they were not bad people when they crossed over. But after the transition, and they saw what everything was about, they chose to take Satan’s side of the issue. All of the things going on in both the physical and the spirit planes is very involved. I’m certain there is much that I do not know about. So, that’s why I say it’s a toss up on who the culprits are. But I do know for a fact that Satan heads all operations in opposition of the Creator.

I think I should also add this for clarification. Satan once told me that he cares less about those that have passed over. He is only interested in the ones that are living physically on earth. The converts are a movement of their own on the upper plane(s). They seem to feel that if they can get enough ghosts to rally to Satan’s side, the Creator might weaken in His position. Fat chance of that. But I also feel Satan is directing the operation, even though he will deny that he is. Those ghosts work with him on earth, and I see no reason that he would not be involved in what they’re doing on the 2nd plane(s) where Satan and his angels are barred access to.

Satan tells partial truths mixed with lies. He is the “deceiver” as stated in the Holy Scriptures. He also wants to win this Spiritual war, and I do not believe he would not be directing the activity that goes on the upper plane(s). I will hear from him on this with certainty. He does not want all of this known and even more is going to be revealed whether he likes it or not. And since he has since told me that I picked the wrong location of the heavenly banishment’s casting down to the earth, I believe I must be on target. It agitated him immensely.

The converts are in a unique position. They were not slated for dark realms at the time of their transitions to the other side; but, they chose not to atone for minor sins that kept them from immediately entering the Light. So, they are given some latitude. By the Creator not barring them from the upper planes, it reveals that they’re permitted to test out the ghosts that are still waiting to enter the Light after some atonement. The converts are a product of people that were on the line, but chose to go the other direction. They could just as easily have chosen to do atonement. This is a sorting out of them by the Creator.

The converts aren’t scary looking. They’re just ghosts that have sided with Satan. They learned what the Sovereign Laws were from a counselor, and chose up sides. They’re not permitted to enter the Light. They have access to the upper planes though. It is a testing for the ghosts that have not yet atoned and entered the Light. These converts will eventually be destroyed with Satan and his forces. It’s all just part of this war between good and evil. Now do you see why the upper planes are policed by the Powers Order?

When it comes to converts, they don’t particularly care to have their existence made know publicly. Satan is operating a rouge of deceptions. Those that believe in him – the demons fear from them. Others that don’t believe, he either makes believers out of them, by his demons having some fun at scaring them. That’s how the demons view it. They do things and then watch for response. If your hair goes up on the back of your neck and your pulse is racing, they get a good laugh out of terrorizing you. If you could see them in the Spirit Realm when they pull those stunts, you would not be afraid; you would be pissed off at how funny they think it is to screw with your emotions. That’s another reason I don’t fear them.

The other tactic Satan uses is to do nothing. That makes people believe in his nonexistence.
He is very shrewd in his deceptions; but Satan has been doing this on a continuous basis with
generation after generation. As soon as one generation passes off he breaks in the next one. But, he learns from how the last generations reacted to his deceptions and so he refines his tactics.”


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  1. ghosthostage says:

    Thank you for you thorough explanations which is helping me understand better my situation. Is there a way to help those that are on lower astral planes see light?

  2. Joshua Jackson says:

    ive been seeing more and more of shadow persons after the first time i seen one in my room in my apt.

  3. Bradli says:

    So how do you know all of this? I’m not trying to doubt but I like to know where my info is coming from I have been dealing with things lately and have been looking into things and this is the only thread that I have read stating the things you are saying. I’m quite interested; however before I believe all of the things you are stating I would like some background info. Thanks so much for your time I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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