A convert is a ghost that passed over with “white collar” sins. Some people refer to them as “Shadow People” or “Shadow Beings”. They are not tagged for apprehension, but are denied access to entering the Light. They must attend the edge of Light House of Worship and make atonement for a time. Since they do not fall under being vile sinners at the time of transition, they commit their sins as a ghost. Not all “white collar” ghosts become converts. The ones that do are so named because they converted over to Satan’s way of thinking. They also tempt other ghosts that have not yet passed through the Light in an effort to convert them to their way of thinking.

Those people that are semi-bad, they have a mix. In the past, when they cross, they are counseled at the Edge of Light House of Worship to rid them of it; some choose to stay mixed; they become Converts. Eventually, they will all be declared negative energy. But in the interim, they are permitted to try and persuade other ghosts to come over to Satan’s side. They are one of the key elements that keep many ghosts from entering the upper planes that have passed over to the other side. They lie and say that it is to be feared; that you cannot come back if you pass through the light; that the Creator is evil, and Satan is really good. The Converts are just as bad as Satan and his demons, because they seek confederates by lying about the Truth, and the Converts will not let go of the negative energy that is a mix in their makeup.

People don’t know that the term “Crossed” over, refers to Christ on the Cross. “Crossed Over” in itself is referring to those that make transition over the Cross. You have to go through the Light, which is symbolic of going over the cross of Christ for Salvation and sanctification of his Sacrifice for Mankind. Transition is not really considered “Crossed Over.” That is not termed over there unless you pass through the Light. Holy Ghosts have crossed over. Converts are merely in the Transition stage.

The term “crossed over” should not be used instead of “transition” for those mortals that “pass over” (which is what the Holy Ghosts refer to as mortals that make transition to the other side. That term is used in connection with the Biblical “Passover” meaning: Passover to the presence of Heaven, but not yet Sanctified (the passing through the Light accomplishes that. It is Baptism by symbolic fire). So, that means that all people that have not yet gone through the Light are in a stage of Transition. It’s all lingo that is used on the other side; my guides wanted me to give an explanation so that none of you are confused when you go over there by astral travel, or at transition.

A Convert is different from a ghost that has not heard the Truth. To become a Convert, you are in trouble and cannot enter the Light until you atone. It is an infraction that did not warrant being spiritually tagged. So, that ghost goes to the Edge of Light and begins being counseled on the Truth. They reject it. Not wanting to be under Sovereign Law. That keeps them from entry to the Light, until they change their thinking – if they ever do. At this stage, they are semi-positive/ negative energy. A mix. They are free to leave back through the Azmon Barrier, or stay on the upper planes; but they are limited where they can go. They also must abide by the Rules of the War, regardless which side they’ve chosen to be on. By knowing the Truth, but declining to come under Sovereign Law in passing through the Light, they are then declared converts. But many ghosts are not converts, even though they have not passed through the Light. It’s because they have never been counseled yet. They do not go on the upper planes. They see the Azmon Barrier, and the Converts tell many of them that that is the blockade you are faced with once you go through the Light. The Holy Ghosts tell them otherwise; but many ghosts refuse to believe them. They stay down here. Eventually, all of those ghosts will be forced to make a decision, or they will be declared negative energy, just like the Converts will be.

When you think of a Convert, what do you think of? Someone nice? They weren’t nice enough to get through the Light without counseling. They were borderlines that have done something during their lives that was in need of being understood as bad, and understood that it was a sin that the Creator saw as grave, but not grave enough to land them in a dark realm. Once these ghosts realize that they must bend to the Creator and his Son Christ, they sometimes do not want to give up the idea of what they think is okay for them to do. If Satan wins they can do as they please under his limited rule. That sounds appealing to many ghosts that are opposed to Sovereign Holy Rule. They never lived it on Earth, so why should they now? Especially if there’s a possibility Satan can win this war. Those pull away. At that point, they are told that they must learn the Rules of the war, abide by them, or be declared Negative Energy and be placed into a dark realm. They learn the Rules. Then they seek to help Satan win; but, they cannot associate with the demons, because they are primarily enticing other ghosts not to enter the Light, or to leave the detention plane.

As to all the reasons they have chosen to remain outside Yahweh’s Ladder of Holy Ghosts, they are varied. It goes back to free will and dragging baggage of your past life with you when you pass over. That’s why if you put on the new personality of Christ now, you are not burdened with that hill to climb if you go there by transition at death instead of the Rapture.

Another reason some ghosts become Converts, is because the Spirit Realm appears to be a big playground. They quickly learn under counseling that when they enter the Light, they will become perfect. Then they must become a member of one of the 144,000 Holy Ghost Orders and help in the War against Satan and his demons. They are also warned that if they sin, they are cast out as negative energy, just like Satan and his demons were. The fall from perfection is one you cannot come back from. There’s no place to go but down. Yahweh will not accept you back if you fall from that status. That’s why he will not offer forgiveness to Satan or his demons. But to date, no Holy Ghost has ever been ousted. They have all remained faithful. And as in the case of the Cherubs, or any Holy Angels Order, they must continue to remain faithful even up to death, or they will not be reanimated. So, the ghosts that are in fear of not being able to stay to Yahweh’s Perfect Standards, they back off. Many toy with the idea that they can do as they please for a time, then come back for counseling at a later date and enter the Light before time runs out; especially if it looks like Satan is never going to win the War. But whatever their reasons are, there are now a large number of Converts in the ranks of the Spirit Realm. Some more vile than a demon, because they have gotten worse since they passed over and declined counseling.


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