The Azmon order of angels are actually a coalition formed from more than one Order of Holy Angels. The only two Orders not making up the coalition are Cherubic and Seraphic Orders of angels. My understanding is that the name was given them to represent a “strong” barrier. (The Azmon barrier came into existence after Satan and his demons were ousted from Heaven on June 30th, 1908 which was marked by the Tunguska event in Russia.) The Azmon order of holy angels is the order that surrounds the earth and prevents the demons and converts from escaping the detention plane (also referred to as Magog) into the upper planes of Heaven.

Eventually, the Order itself will be dissolved and the members of Holy Angels making up this special Order will be back in their original positions. I probably should mention that aside from the Cherubs being here on Earth, the Seraphic Order serves as Royal Commanders of the Heavenly Court; they are also in charge of the Orange Plane. The other Orders of Holy Angels are subject to the Seraphic Order. Michael the Archangel is the Commander and Chief of all Orders of Holy Angels. (There is only ONE Archangel) His name signifies that he arches out over all Orders, of which there are many spread all throughout creation. It is his job to see that all angelic duties are performed as they should be.


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