Now onto the next medium that is excellent for capturing spiritual photos. Here you see a series of photos showing spirits in smoke. The one to the left of this paragraph, shows an angel of the Cherubic Order casting the likeness of his face. Upon closer inspection you see many casts (I’ve marked them in the 2nd photo for you).

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Spirits use their surroundings to cast and that includes smoke, steam, water (which is reflective also) glass, I’ve even experimented with my own breath on a cold day. The same applications apply in lightening, darkening, rotating. Also look for letters, numbers, symbols. They are all part of the message.

Some common examples found in my photos are: 8 Stands for the Holy Side, Father, Completion. 7 Stands for Perfection. 3 stands for Unity. 4 for Squared Away. Y stands for Yahweh. Z stands for Zion. A for Alpha. The Omega symbol for the Cherubic Order. K for Kingdom. R for Rapture. E stands for Energy or Evangelize. S for shield. A heart for Love.

Do know though, that the letters and numbers can also stand for other things depending on the message.

It takes seeing everything contained in the photo and piecing together the message along with guidance from those in the Spirit Realm and Father’s Spirit to help you come to a full understanding of the message conveyed.


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  1. nymphsnecessitys says:

    Love your blog! found it looking for information on seeing spirits in smoke..I have a few pictures of my own!

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