Since spirits are semi-transparent, they permit light to partially pass through, but mostly reflect off their energies. So when a picture is taken, it combines their overlay energy cast to form the foundation of the message contain therein by utilizing the material world’s / physical realm’s background in a slow moving and fast moving energy combination.

Slow energy (low vibrations) is what the material world is made up of. The spirit world is made up of fast moving energy (high vibrations). For a duration in time the two become as one in a blend of one on top the other that can be seen.

Logically, we know this is true because of what we know about physical realm science at this time. For example, let’s compare the human body’s energy make up to that of say, a rock, and the spiritual body energy make up to that of steam. The energy particles of matter that make up the physical body / rock are moving at a much lower rate of vibratory speed than those of spiritual realm body / steam which move at a very high vibratory speed. Both are made of energy and matter, but have very different rates of speed. You could not walk through a human body or a rock, but you could walk through a spiritual body or steam.

You can also find this same line of thinking in achieving astral projection, it too requires that you raise your vibrations so that your shell and celestial energy may exit the low vibrating physical body. To exist in the Spirit Realm is to exist in a state of high vibrations / fast moving energy.

1 Corinthians 2:13 We also speak these things, not in words taught by human wisdom, but in those taught by the Spirit, explaining spiritual things to spiritual people.

And I definitely encourage you and anyone else reading to ponder this. There is a lot of dis-info out there on the paranormal and spirit realm, and many are deceived and misled, so also pray on it.

Our spirits are contained within our bodies. Those of us, like myself, who are able to project, concentrate on increasing our vibrational rate in order to release our shell and celestial energies from our vessel. But we are still connected to our vessel by a cord and can return at anytime. It is when that cord is severed that you permanently leave your vessel and exist in spirit only and then exist in the spirit realm at that higher vibrational rate as a spirit.

Corinthians 15:44 sown a natural body, raised a spiritual body. If there is a natural body, there is also a spiritual body.

To understand fully, you have to have at least a basic understanding of things like energy and mass. Everything is made of energy. Every form of energy has mass. Even light has mass. Thoughts also are energy and have mass. What gives energy its shape is the vibratory rate in which it exists. So, going on that we also know that spirits are energy. And spirits also have mass. Only their energy exists at a very high vibratory rate and is made up of elements that are of finer matter than modern scientists are yet aware of.

Note that the above source I quoted said that the vibratory rate determines if it can be detected by the 5 human senses. There are actually 6 senses. So in order for a spirit to be seen by humans like us, the human must use that 6th sense also called second sight or psychic ability. All humans have it, just some more than others. Or the spirit must use a myriad of physical realm elements in order to be seen (like smoke, as I’ve shown on this thread as well), or they must lower their vibrations. It’s called “Vibing down” and when they do this it enables us to see them or, capture them using cameras. Vibing down means that they are in a way becoming more solid. I guess a way to explain it might be like capturing water vapor which could then turn to water and then could turn to ice. It’s a progression of vibratory rates of that energy. Doing this uses a lot of energy though. While we sleep to rejuvenate our physical bodies, spirits take in more energy or “recharge” – sort of like recharging a battery. So you may be wondering now, “well where are they getting the energy from?” Well, that energy source is God and all energy exists within God and is of God. So if they want to cast as something large, and because it will deplete their energy quicker to do so, often it means that many spirits must work together to cast that image.

There is actually a real science to all of it – these are just things that until now haven’t been known. But God is nature, and the creator of mathematics and science along with everything else in creation and He applied scientific laws to both the visible and invisible realms, so it’s all explainable, valid and logical.


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