What you might view in a picture, and what others might view, and say that we all see something different, that is because the messages being conveyed to each of us at the times we look at a spirit pic might be totally individual to each of us. Something totally different means that it was a specific message per individual.

Q. Could you please explain a bit more on how this works? There have been many times in which say, I’ve taken a smoke or mirror photo and received a basic feeling and/or understanding of the message conveyed. Then Person B looks at it and sees and/or feels something completely different. Up until now it was my understanding that if you take the photo the message is for you. So often this will cause me to second guess what it was I was feeling and/or understanding. I would like to gain better understanding on how messages are conveyed so that I might be more confident when deciphering messages.

A. When you take a picture you are zoned in through your mind on the spot you are shooting; the message is meant for you even if it is about someone else; this is because you are the conduit used to bring the picture into captured reality. Otherwise, the record does not show up in the visible reality. Since the spirits are using your mind to help them with the projected casts, and they can also draw off of energy within this visible realm like they used off the TV with me, the primary message is meant for the person taking the picture; from that point on, a record is also recorded, just like it is in the spirit realm where the casts are actually taking place; to delve into every message revealed that goes beyond what they’ve conveyed to you, you must sift deeply into the casts within the picture.

Q. How do you know when you’re being used as a conduit for a message meant for someone else? I think that’s where I sometimes get confused, because I know sometimes the message could be to the opposing side and looks scary and gives me a bad feeling. Then I worry that I’m really messing up somehow and it’s a warning for me, when it could actually be a warning for negative energy around me.

A. It’s a feeling you get; an urgency that something is wrong with someone; that’s another time to either grab the camera, or else you should go into a really dark area and look for the red zone of color (vision wise) and see what is coming through. If you see something ugly in a picture, then look closer, because they are multiple casting to make that appearence; break the cast down and you see several spirits that created the look.

Q. Given the messages seen by each individual, does that help to explain … would what we see also be influenced by what we dream, including the things we do not remember that occur in our dreams? My dreams are very rarely pleasant…not enough to make me scared or afraid, but in that same respect, I very rarely ever see anything pleasant in pictures, either.

A. It’s your train of thought; there’s really nothing ugly in the spirit realm; it is an illusion, and if you take those illusions to heart, they affect your psyche and the mind is where the dreams are televised from; in reality, you are MORE MIND than flesh and blood. If you are not really ugly you cannot make a silk purse from a pigs ear; this holds especially true in the spirit realm; all is cast and all is not what you think you might be seeing. It is telling a story of an event, but is really put together with lots of help. I guess the single thing that authenticates spirit pictures is that they cast so intricately and so many things that it would be impossible for anyone to duplicate the process; mainly because it’s a unified effort and requires 360 degrees of casts that seem to never stop changing.

In the spirit realm, unless you cast large like MIchael did before he returned to Yahweh in Heaven after his sacrifice as Christ Jesus, the truth is that all spirit energy is SMALL in comparison to what people believe.

Size is relative in the spirit realm.

“relative >adjective 1 considered in relation or in proportion to something else. 2 existing or possessing a characteristic only in comparison to something else: months of relative calm ended in April. 3 Grammar (of a pronoun, determiner, or adverb) referring to an expressed or implied antecedent and attaching a subordinate clause to it, e.g. which. 4 Grammar (of a clause) attached to an antecedent by a relative word. >noun 1 a person connected by blood or marriage. 2 a species related to another by common origin.
-PHRASES relative to 1 compared with or in relation to. 2 concerning.”


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