This photo was taken in February of 2010 and reveals very large face cast belonging to a Holy Angel of my shield. Look closely and use your second sight. His left eye (our right) is most prominent; once you find that the rest of his face comes into view. It’s just above the orb shaped collection of energy.

The messages encoded in the above picture mainly have to do with my shield, that I am closely and carefully watched, and heartfelt love sent from my brothers and sisters in sovereign union with me.

The following is from Joseph, a Holy Ghost, as he explains casts and visions: “For any of you still hanging in there and interested in exactly how it is that spirits cast, I will now fill you all in on exactly how spirits create the casts that I have pointed out in the previous photos on this thread.

“One of the things taught to holy ghosts is this. How to form casts. Now children this is not to be confused with casting a vision which is also taught to the consortium making up the holy ghost Orders. The difference is that visions are conjured by thought with a pictorial description of past events, future, and sometimes what is currently taking place. Whereas casts are formed, usually done so by many spirits acting in unison to form a complete uniform design that contains messages at a 360 degree circumference. Here is an example of two different messages by both methods. You see the Ark that Noah and his family received salvation in. Close examination reveals many spirits involved in making up the Ark’s cast. That is called “The cast effect.” Then you have a vision of the Ark. Only one spirit need be involved in this process to form the vision. It is called “The trance effect.” Now before I reveal more about my own past training in these two method, which incidentally humans not yet passed over have the ability to do “The trance effect” in their minds, because all that you think can be seen in the spirit realm in visual form. Over here it is called day dreaming. For instance, you see yourself on a yacht and sailing around the world in luxury That is a future trance vision of what you might like your future to be. Now let’s look at the two definitions before I reveal more.

definition of conjure >verb (usu. conjure up) 1 cause to appear as if by magic. 2 call to the mind. 3 call upon (a spirit) to appear by magic. 4 archaic implore to do something.
-PHRASES a name to conjure with a name of great importance within a particular field.
-ORIGIN Latin conjurare ‘band together by an oath, conspire’.

The above is the process of conjuring thought into a manifested vision.It requires nothing more than thoughts directed to the individual or individuals they are meant for. It is therefore a conjured vision via the trance effect propagated by the spirit giving forth the vision.

definition of propagate >verb 1 breed by natural processes from the parent stock. 2 promote (an idea, knowledge, etc.) widely. 3 transmit in a particular direction.
-DERIVATIVES propagation >noun.
-ORIGIN Latin propagare ‘multiply from layers or shoots’.

The spirit transmits the vision in a particular direction.

vision >noun 1 the faculty or state of being able to see. 2 the ability to think about the future with imagination or wisdom. 3 a mental image of what the future will or could be like. 4 an experience of seeing something in a dream or trance, or as a supernatural apparition. 5 the images seen on a television screen. 6 a person or sight of unusual beauty.
-ORIGIN Latin, from videre ‘to see’.

The vision is indeed the use of your mind’s faculty in trance state – because both sides of the coin, the SENDER and the RECEIVER are in some form of the trance state of mind for the phenomena to take place and be seen.

definition of cast >verb (past and past part. cast) 1 throw forcefully or so as to spread over an area. 2 cause (light or shadow) to appear on a surface. 3 direct (one’s eyes or thoughts) towards something. 4 express: journalists cast doubt on this account. 5 register (a vote). 6 assign a part to (an actor) or allocate parts in (a play or film). 7 discard or shed. 8 throw the hooked and baited end of (a fishing line) out into the water. 9 shape (metal or other material) by pouring it into a mold while molten. 10 produce by casting: a figure cast in bronze. 11 arrange and present in a specified form or style. 12 cause (a magic spell) to take effect. 13 Hunting (of a dog) search around for a scent. >noun 1 the actors taking part in a play or film. 2 an object made by casting metal or other material. 3 (also plaster cast) a bandage stiffened with plaster of Paris, molded to support and protect a broken limb. 4 an act of casting. 5 form, appearance, or character: minds of a philosophical cast. 6 a slight squint.
-PHRASES be cast away be stranded after a shipwreck. be cast down feel depressed. cast about (or around or round) search far and wide. cast off 1 Knitting take the stitches off the needle by looping each over the next. 2 set a boat or ship free from its moorings. cast on Knitting make the first row of loops on the needle.
-ORIGIN Old Norse.

Among the things expressed in the above definition, “3 direct (one’s eyes or thoughts) towards something.” You’ve undoubtedly seen and felt this effect while viewing casts. Casts can come in many forms. It might be in pics, or vegetation, clouds, etc. As you are looking, your mind starts to see things that others might not be able to see. This is not because you are seeing matrix but instead,your mind and eyes are being directed in unison to see what you are meant to see. Those that cannot comprehend this concept refer to it as “matrix.” That’s their loss, because they are missing out on the truth of the spirit realm and how it really works.”



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