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Where spirits cast is not only limited to what I’ve shared so far. As I’ve said, spirits are everywhere and they have been everywhere for a very long time. So you would be hard pressed to find a place on earth where there isn’t spiritual energy markings that act as recording of an event or events.

They can be seen in trees, bushes, grass, water, in fire and on rocks and mountainous structures and in deserts; even on the bottom of the ocean. The Crop Circles are also related to the holy and fallen angels and their casts can be seen there as well. They can even be seen in satellite images and in the outer reaches of space as all of creation exists within our Creator, and He is the one that sets the boundaries.

Above is an example of how the can be found in nature. It also so happens to be an excellent example of spiritual energy in orb form. Below the first photo are additional photos and markings.

Also included is a screenshot from the a news video, showing the bottom of the ocean in the gulf. The natural disaster caused by the leak and other spills and leaks around the world are related to the Tribulation and fulfillment of prophecy spoken of in the book of Revelation. Below are additional markings of the same photo.


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