“Well, here is a message from the Cherubic Order in the form of a vision. It also applies to those that are left behind at Armageddon. Regardless of whether the crime be murder, rape, molestation, or other vile act; and regardless of whether or not it has been, or ever was brought to the attention of Mankind, there are those on the other side that are well aware of what happened.

The amounts of Holy Ghosts (those are ghosts that have passed through the Baptismal Light) that are keeping a watch over us on this physical plane are in the multi-millions. So, when a vile act is committed, it is always witnessed by many of these Holy Ghosts. They in turn, notify the Cherubic Order of Holy Angels that are stationed on this planet, and are deputized to handle these types of matters.

When notification is given, the Cherubs respond by “Spiritually Tagging” the criminal. Once this takes place, the Azmon Order who is always on alert as a barrier around this planet, does not permit these tagged individuals to cross through the barrier. They are stuck on the first plane of existence, which the Cherubs refer to as “Magog” because of it being a detention holding plane for Satan and his forces to finish out the testing phase of Mankind.

When these tagged ghosts are spotted by the Cherub Watchdog Patrols, they give pursuit. The tagged offenders are apprehended into custody by these spiritual deputies. They are then permitted to pass through the Azmon Barrier with Cherub Guards and accompanied by Holy Ghosts that take the offender before the presence of Almighty God. There, the crime or crimes are visually shown in detail to the Creator; then, no less than two Holy Ghosts bear witness to the criminal’s vile action or actions.

When the Creator pronounces sentencing, the Cherubs deliver the prisoner to the Powers Order of Holy Angels that police the upper planes. From there, he or she is delivered to the
Seraphic Order that is in charge of the darkest realms. Once in their hands, the offender is placed in a dark realm. The crimes are played out visually for him or her to view on a repeated basis. How long they remain there, or if they will ever get out, is up to the Creator.

It should be noted, that a person can seek forgiveness after having committed a vile act. In some cases, if the Creator feels they’re really repentant, because only He can read their true feelings of the heart, then the “Spiritual Tag” is removed. They move up to the second plane(s) and are greeted by a counselor. They cannot enter the Light until certain steps are taken and satisfied to the Creator’s atonement of sinful acts.”


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  1. ghosthostage says:

    Nice to find a biblical blog with real insight into what scriptures say to be true.

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