“When a person is murdered, two things happen almost immediately.

(1) They are instantaneously on the other side.

(2) They are surrounded by Holy Ghosts that try to take away their fear of the new environment.

And in the case of a psychic (as well as non-psychics in most cases), the guide(s) will be there also. They have come to know their guides and find them a comfort. For most, they will have guides on hand that they never even knew about; simply because they never developed their psychic gifts. But nonetheless, they had guides. Some people call it intuition. But, it’s really a guide or guides that are giving you those vibes or feelings about something. The ones that will not have guides, they are the ones that are spiritually tagged for Cherub apprehension. Those are special cases, and I won’t address them here. This is about good people that get crossed over by evil people, or people that kill thinking they had a vengeful right.

The latter, it could cause a person to be spiritually tagged, even though they felt it was “justice” on their part. But, if they made a mistake, they willfully crossed over an innocent person; they could also still be held accountable before the Creator for such a brash act, even if the person was seemingly deserving of what he or she got; and that is part of the message the Cherubs have given me to relay. “Fear not. Justice will be forthcoming. Justice will be served.” Once the person has been crossed over, the Holy Ghosts and guides accompany the person (normally) through the Azmon barrier of angels that have Satan and his evil doers blockaded. Satan is not permitted, or any of his minion to hinder or in any way have authority over people that have crossed over. If such an occurrence were to occur, the Cherubs would attack and subdue the offending demonic forces and hold them for disposition. The Orange Plane is a guaranteed sentence for such an act on their part. Knowing this, even the vilest of Satan’s dark army are obedient concerning this rule.

When the Holy Ghosts and the victim that was crossed over reaches the edge of the Light, they are taken to the Edge of Light House of Worship that is located just outside the Baptismal Light. There, they are greeted by loved ones that have previously crossed over in past times. From there, they will either enter the Light, or they will go to the Great Hall of Records first. It depends on the situation. But eventually, they enter the Baptismal Light and are admitted to the Heavenly Realm that all Holy Ghosts originate from. They are nurtured and cared for. Eventually, they might petition to be a guide. They can freely visit the lower plane once they have been tutored and given a home in the Majestic Heavenly realm. However, in some special cases, they choose not to enter the Light, and they are free to transverse the planes of existence. This could apply to anyone passing from murder – to a natural death. No one is a prisoner (i.e. ghosts) in the spiritual planes, except for those sentenced to the darkest realms. All other ghosts are free to move about as they please.

The only exception, is, some are restrained from entering the Light for a time. Other than that, some just take longer at becoming heavenly members of the Divine Realm on the other side of the Baptismal Light. Upon passing through that light, they become Holy Ghosts. Here’s something of important note. Because of what awaits vile criminals that are not forgiven, the victims do not normally seek revenge. But, there are exceptions to every case. If a victim that was crossed over does not want to go with the Holy Ghosts and guides, they cannot be made to do so. In some cases, murder victims are so distraught and head-set over what happened to them that they remain on the first lower plane of existence. They follow the person that took their life; and in some cases, they stay where the crime occurred. In essence, they haunt the place that it happened at, because they cannot accept being crossed over to the other side when they might have had a seemingly full life ahead of them. Keep in mind, that in their mind, they’re leaving relatives and friends behind; wives, husbands, and kids, as the case might be. It is a hard thing for them to do. They have not yet been indoctrinated on the second level(s) of existence. They only know what they feel inside at that moment. So, they are left alone to work things out. Eventually, they will leave the first plane and enter the Baptismal Light; but, it must be at their own pace. And this is another reason that Satan and his demonic forces are under a “hands off” policy concerning ghosts and that means all ghosts. Even converts cannot be hindered by the dark forces; and they are willing participants in Satan’s war. But, the Creator still affords protection to even them. They play a part in doing the Creator’s will.

So friends, the Cherubs message is that your loved ones are taken care of. Even on the lower plane, where some of them have chosen to be for a time; they’re under the watchful eye of the Cherubic Order of Holy Angels. When they’ve decided to move on to the upper planes, they will be permitted to do so unhindered. The Creator permits free will, even on the other side. At their leisure, they will be united in Heaven. The above can be applied to auto wreck victims – heart attacks, natural passings, etc. The process is pretty much the same. Everyone is taken care of on the other side. It’s all been worked out by the Creator.”


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  1. ghosthostage says:

    Nice to find a biblical blog with real insight into what scriptures say to be true. Can you help Michael?

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