18,700 years ago, a supernova in the Circinus constellation resulted in a neutron star that spins seven times per second, a pulsar 20 kilometers in diameter called PSR B1509-58. Yes, it’s either that or God’s hand giving us five.

Or maybe it’s God reaching for its cosmic burrito, like a commenter says. The image—100 light years long—was captured by the Chandra X-Ray observatory. According to NASA, the “low energy X-rays are in red, medium energies in green, and high energies in blue. The pulsar itself is in the bright central region.”

This is a sign in the heavens that tells a story. Can you see what the story is? The hand of Yahweh pushes back the head of the serpent to keep evil at bay. Look close and you’ll see the Serpent’s eye on the far right. Yahweh pushes it to the side, and also buries Her fingers in its mouth from the front. So now we come to the dating of when this was formed. Dawn only sinned a little over six thousand years ago, so how can it be as old as the scientists believe? Yet it is. Can you guess the answer?

The answer is: Yahweh is eternal and created time. So, She moves back and forth within time because it has no restraints on He since She is also outside of time. When she causes something to display a record that was earlier than when the actual offense or happening occurred, it is still valid because Yahweh does not lose Her memory as She moves across the boundaries of time. She makes signs to record past, present, and future events. To Her they are simply a record regardless of when She caused the recording to take place.

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