The lesson here is that it’s not possible to explain the unexplainable that goes beyond frail humankind’s comprehension. What is possible though, is to view the unexplainable. Mankind seeks to be able to explain all things in terms they can come to grips with, but it cannot be achieved from the fleshly plane. The other plane of existence does not work on the same laws as the fleshly plane.

LAWS – They exist in both planes because Yahweh is the Creator of all Laws, and all things work within Her realm of existence She brought forth into Her reality that we all Share; therefore, nothing can exist without Her, and to exist within Her for eternity, we must LEARN her Way, which is the Laws that govern Her sole property – CREATION.

The MAKER – The OWNER – The FINAL JUDGE of what can exist and what cannot in Her domain of reality. To challenge Yahweh, is to challenge existence. Dawn’s challenge and empty arguments that have no viable reasoning in creation, they have been answered in permitting our Mother’s reality to be led down a path that should never have existed, and when this climaxes with the final test of LOYALTY and OBEDIENCE to Her Rule as the Creator of all that’s in existence, this path Dawn created by disobedience will NEVER be forged again. Any future parasite that thinks about growing in Mother’s body will be eliminated without further need of Vindicating Her Great Name or Her reasoning behind upholding Her Right to Sovereign Rule over that which She alone brought forth with LOVE and KINDNESS towards the things She takes delight in. REALITY beyond Her own Self, it was and is for Her delight; She was most KIND to share and bring delight to those that obey Her; Her Laws are for our own good, or She would not have felt it necessary to enact Laws for Her Creation starting with the Word, Michael / Christ Jesus, whom She permitted to open the door to all other creative works within Her realm of existence. There EXISTS 3 Realms of Existence:

1) Yahweh – as the REALITY of all things.

2) The Spirit Realm; it is a realm within Her Realm, just as

3) the fleshly realm is a realm within Her own Realm of existence; they are 3 realms in UNITY – within, and with Mother Yahweh; reality cannot be outside of Her, and therefore, cannot be apart from Her.

She is like the Great Pyramid that She built creation upon with Her Only Begotten Son, the Word. He cornerstoned the foundation from being placed there by Yahweh; as the cornerstone or foundation She created, he built within the Great Pyramid a stone at a time, all that exists upon his own taught ability; this is why, all hinges on the Word who became Christ Jesus, so that by Father’s own witness and testimony, the Word built a REALITY – split in two halves, making two levels or two Realities we and the spirit hosts could live within on separate planes at the same time, occupying the same identical space, except he did it on two levels:

1) The spirit realm.

2) The fleshly realm.

But apart from the TRUE REALITY, which is Mother Yahweh, nothing exists; so kids, our foundation on the very Word of Christ Jesus whom was exhalted to the cap of the Pyramid and still is the foundation nonetheless, yet remains within the Only True Reality, because apart from Yahweh, there would be no foundation of the two realities we’ve all come to know.

This is why Michael was referred to as the cornerstone of Creation and not Yahweh; She is the EXISTENCE of all things – Not what existence was created off of, being a stone set in place, like that of the Word; instead, Father is the ESSENCE of not only the stone, but all that exists. This is why all things come through Her, because they originally came from Her; Michael could not have created a single thing without the use of raw energy that Yahweh made available through Her body of own energy; therefore, She truly is the Beginning and Ending of all that’s in existence; without Her, nothing would exist, because like a power plant that burns coal to give energy to living things like us, where would the coal be without the Plant that was in place to burn the coal and activate the process that delivers us energy? The same holds true with Yahweh; the SOURCE – the ONLY SOURCE of any and all things in existence; and therefore it is proper to acknowledge Yahweh as the Creator of all that’s in existence within Her Might Power Plant that never ceases to bring forth the energy of Life Sustaining Power to those that are obedient to Her; the Almighty God so wise and so tender in LOVE for all that She permitted to come into existence, and only asks that She be appreciated and be obeyed for whom She really represents.

Michael is the FIRST stone, but Yahweh is the ROCK that the stone was taken from; this is why Yahweh in symbolism is referred to as the ROCK.

I’ve told all of you that the angelic hosts are just like us; well, last night Dawn suffered a mental breakdown; he was sobbing his eyes out and begging Yahweh’s forgiveness; he had a legitimate greiving spirit to the very core of his soul. I assisted Michael in taking Dawn before Yahweh’s essence, and Father HEALED Dawn. She told him, “You were once loved by me no less than any of my chidren, but you challenged My right to Rule in love and righteousness, and you knew my Laws because they were written upon your heart at your conception, but you chose a path I warned you against, and now you must fulfill the destiny you chose on your hearts inclination. I take no delight in your destruction, but I will not break my own Laws that I govern my children by, and you will not desert the seed you’ve sown. Your mind is healed, now leave my presence.”

From what Yahweh told Dawn, about his “seed” he brought forth, that made me think of the blind ministers that cultivate a blind seed, and how they are held to a higher degree of sin for having mislead them, even if they too are blind to what they are teaching; and the fact that Dawn sought forgiveness, yet he has cultivated a seed that must be extinguished; for that alone, his eternal death penalty is Just and worthy of his execution – causing so many lives to be lost.

If Michael is the cornerstone of creation, then Dawn is the slag stone foundation of a crumbling cliff of evil that must slide off into oblivion.”

-Seraiah, April 4, 2008

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