The following photo was shot in 2008 and shared with our ministry. Included are the marked versions that explain what the message was that was being conveyed by the spirits who casted it using the energy from a television set.

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The message is: We are mighty in number, and we are in place and awaiting the final trumpet to crush the world empires and take this planet by force; them being cast directly over the painting identifies them as the Lions Of Zion.

Father has them in preparation to finalize Her Divine Plan in taking this planet and turning it over to Christ to set up the Millennial rule that will last 1000 years. They wanted the Beast and their pappy Dawn to eye witness what awaits them shortly along with the rest of this dying world that’s left behind at the Rapture. The second pic reveals they will be decending in number, and will be such a great number of Father’s army that they cannot be defeated.

The LOZ are in gold and the Cherubs in blue; but they of course will be intermixed in the coming battle and invasion for this planet.

People that don’t believe a full scale invasion is necessary, or that a fight must take place should consider what Christ said when he was taken into custody over 2000 years ago; he said his followers would fight if the time had been at hand so that he was not delivered up; it was not at hand at that time. Also, Father had more than 12 legions of Cherubs on hand if Christ had decided to back out of the deal he made with Father in exchange for the Kingdom; if fighting was not a necessity, why would Christ have mentioned those angelic forces that were standing by in case he backed out? Father does things Her way.

As Daniel 2:44 noted, these present day kingdoms must be crushed; they will not throw in the towel and submit to Christ’s authority as the ruling King; they are to be toppled and destroyed permanently along with those that occupy seats of authority. Their confederates will be destroyed as well along with the Converts, and Dawn and his demons will be killed and put into the Abyss on a sleep over that will last 1000 years before reanimation occurs for the final round of testing.


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  1. Donna says:

    on the left side abov the war area yu are marking as to eyes an i see one complete eyeball. although i know from the hundreds of spiritual photos i have everyone can see something different, the photos themself also can change as you look at them. i don’t know anything about discerning my photos but I took my 1st set on may 22nd 2012 and have beenn praying and seaching scriptures for answers. not only to the photos butvas to why they are being given to me. I now have hundreds. How can i have your ministry help me discern my photos. I’m sure of one thing the messages are of vital importance in ppon both planes that they be discerned at publicied because they have the potential to save multitudes of souls from total distruction. they are very discriptive of the imediate upcoming tribulation period and show what the scriputes say word for word verse for verse we no longer have to read what the end time distruction will be like for the inhabiters of the earth, for i have been permitted to photograph both realms and the spiritual wars being fought daily. i know what i see but would never wish to reveal wrong information to someone else. the war rages on in the mean time as the the day gets shorter creating for me despartion to seek the answers because my heart tels me this is so much more important than my 1000.00 dollar a week job im trying to maintain while still searching for discernment of these messages i am to make known to save multitudes from dawn as you call him

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