From November, 2010: Great balls of fire over Canada: NASA investigates

MONTREAL — Great balls of fire have been reported swooping over Eastern Canada and several U.S. states.

Even NASA’s on the case.

There are different theories about what was behind the sighting of those fireballs. A NASA spacecraft got a closer look at one of the possible sources today.

The spacecraft flew past Hartley 2 — taking closeup pictures after the comet made one of its closest passes by Earth this week.

But one expert is skeptical of reports that any fireballs came from Hartley — which is roughly 1.2 kilometres wide and spews deadly cyanide gas.

Scientist Peter Brown says his meteor group at the University of Western Ontario tracked one of two fireballs while the other was tracked by NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office. Source

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Active sunspot 1121 has just unleashed one of the brightest x-ray solar flares in years, an M5.4-class eruption at 15:36 UT (11:36 AM Eastern) on Nov. 6, 2010. reports: “Radiation from the flare created a wave of ionization in Earth’s upper atmosphere that altered the propagation of low-frequency radio waves. There was, however, no bright CME (plasma cloud) hurled in our direction, so the event is unlikely to produce auroras in the nights ahead. This is the third M-flare in as many days, and the strongest, from this increasingly active sunspot. So far none of the eruptions has been squarely Earth-directed, but this could change in the days ahead as the sun’s rotation turns the active region toward our planet.”

The casts that make up that solar flare are cast exactly like they cast everything else. A record of what Michael’s up to is encoded within that cast. I saw something about the earth.

There’s also an OMEGA sign below the yellow Y, and that spells you know what. The WAR sign is to back up the Ministry on our latest project. But, it’s also coupled with some bad things headed our way down here. Yahweh is getting ready to take on those ruining the Earth, and let everyone know where the crap flying at this planet comes forth from. You’re gonna see a big attitude change when they find out Christ is not nurturing the misguided Christians on this planet. They will soon know who their real benefactor is – but Dawn can’t do a whole lot for his family. To little to late for making a stand that will be effective. But anyhow, Yahweh wants mankind to know the crap on this planet has always been from Her, and now it will come from the wide vast expanse from where She dwells. I pity the International Space Station, because you know She will obliterate that just to make her point to the masses. It’s a bad place to be stationed at this point in time. Lasers won’t be effective against solar flares, and they are about to intensify.


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