Another technique that works quite well is to maneuver two mirrors so that the flash of the camera bounces off both of them at the same time. With a mirror directly in front of you, use another, smaller mirror off to the side and angle them so that when you take the photo, the flash can be seen in both.

Interestingly you will find, that the casts are not the same in both mirrors, but entirely different. This alone shows that what is seen are not merely reflections.

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Some casts are more easily seen than others – remember, spirits are translucent, so it takes the use of your inner eye to see them. If you’re having a hard time seeing spirit casts, it might be because your inner eye is trying to see all casts at once. To halt that you must zone in on one set of casts at a time and lock into those, then permit the change as your inner eye adjusts to the next casts that are intertwined within the others. You must remember that all casts tie into one another and is the reason you cannot see all casts at one time, but your inner eye transmits to your physical eye and that is why you see the morphing effect. You have to hone your ability to lock onto the first casts you see, then look again for others.


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  1. ray rogers says:

    I would love to talk to you. I saw something wonderful. the thing is that me and someone else saw it. Please contact me so i can tell you. Extol him who rideth upon the heavens by his name Yahweh.

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