Below is a mirror photo that I took just a little while ago, and the process in which I marked it is the order in which it appears in the slideshow.

I’ve shown you the zoomed in versions of each section, as well as the full photo, so that you can see the details more easily. Spiritual casts also overlap, so sometimes you will need to mark the same photo several times, capturing each spirit that might have overlapped with another that is beside or behind him or her. I’ve included the rotations as well but without any manipulation of the light.

It’s important to not try and take in everything at once, but instead, focus in with your second sight on just a small portion of the photo – otherwise it could become too overwhelming.

The steps that I followed in marking this one photos were: First, I cropped the photo and adjusted the color using the Curves tool (I use Gimp which is a Mac program, but it is available in for PC users also). Then, I marked the largest casts that I could see. After that, I zoomed in and took a section of the photo at the time, marking the smaller ones that I could see. To take it a step further, because there is no up, down, or sideways in the spirit realm, you would rotate the photo and repeat the process. And don’t forget to look for things like letters, numbers, symbols and inanimate objects too as they are all a part of the message being conveyed.

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