These aren’t your typical spirit photos that you’re probably accustomed to finding on the web – but they’re 100% real. These were taken just last night, using smoke as the medium for the spirits to cast within.

Before I was brought to an accurate understanding of the spirit realm and spirits in general, I too thought that ghosts were human in size and makeup. What I, and many, do not take into consideration is exactly how spiritual energy fits into the scientific laws that we are aware of. Spiritual energy is in makeup more like that of steam in that it is high vibrating energy. Here, we have physical bodies that are low vibrating energy and we cannot change how we appear from minute to minute, but there, spirits are able to cast in appearance simply based on thought alone.

It takes an enormous amount of energy for spirits to cast a full size apparition. The rule in the Spirit Realm is this: Conserve energy – less time recharging. For a single ghost or angel, unaided in a full apparition, it would smell like a melt down of a huge transformer due to the high amounts of energy it would consume in order to manifest. However, if a combined effort caused the apparition, it would smell less. The way you can tell if more than one spirit did the apparition is to see if you see the collage effect. If it’s not present, which would be a rarity on that type of cast, it means one single spirit did the apparition. That would then mean (hours in our time) for a full recharge to be effective. And since they cannot maintain unwavering energy consumption, you’re right in your theory that the energy depleted causes the apparition to fade out quickly.

It’s just like when Satan’s angels gear up and do the UFO phenomena lights in the skies. Watch the documentaries and news clips and you will always see those lights fade in and out. It’s because the demands cannot maintain a constant level of energy during those manifestations. They power down, then power up again and this brings the color and lighting effect back for a short time and then finally fades out. But, they do it as a combined unit much like other spirits collage.

Furthermore, when a spirit is recharging, it means that they are more or less “out of commission” for that period of time. It would be comparable to us needing sleep. For the time that they are required to fully charge back up to peak, they must remain in one spot. They take in raw energy – the most abundant thing in creation. They usually take in the raw energy, just like we do in our Chakras centers (quite similar) and it converts to the energy they burn off of. The excess on the recharge is kicked back off around the area they recharge and then dissipates. They can recharge anytime they want to though. If they do it early, it maintains the peak energy level with a short recharge cycle. This is another reason they cast in tandem. When casts have been performed, they all do a quick recharge to come back to peak.

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  1. ghosthostage says:

    Nice to find a biblical blog with real insight into what scriptures say to be true.

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