I’ll take you kids through a series of what was there. Everyone was looking up, but the veil was being thinned all around them. They just didn’t notice.

China has to receive a hard blow to keep them from taking over and becoming the sole ruler of this planet. They are so strong not only economically, but also militarily.

Dawn is looking at China for his throne replacement and still resisting the EU. He’s turning into a commie.

Could we have cast any funnier? We treat Dawn like he is a big joke.

If he’s watching, he knows better now.

Mama of the Spirit Realm.

Crop these were marked from:

Next is the full pic. Remember the head I said you should pay attention to. It is your reference point of where the crop was taken from.

That wasn’t a crop. It was a closeup; so I’m uploading another that reveals the entire screen shot.

Last one.

Remember, Mother is nature; She moves to and fro across this planet with Her energy; and She makes faces in trees. You’ll never look at a tree the same again because She will be staring back at you if only you’ll look closely.


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