Explaining the Unexplainable

The lesson here is that it’s not possible to explain the unexplainable that goes beyond frail humankind’s comprehension. What is possible though, is to view the unexplainable. Mankind seeks to be able to explain all things in terms they can come to grips with, but it cannot be achieved from the fleshly plane. The other plane of existence does not work on the same laws as the fleshly plane.

LAWS – They exist in both planes because Yahweh is the Creator of all Laws, and all things work within Her realm of existence She brought forth into Her reality that we all Share; therefore, nothing can exist without Her, and to exist within Her for eternity, we must LEARN her Way, which is the Laws that govern Her sole property – CREATION.

The MAKER – The OWNER – The FINAL JUDGE of what can exist and what cannot in Her domain of reality. To challenge Yahweh, is to challenge existence. Dawn’s challenge and empty arguments that have no viable reasoning in creation, they have been answered in permitting our Mother’s reality to be led down a path that should never have existed, and when this climaxes with the final test of LOYALTY and OBEDIENCE to Her Rule as the Creator of all that’s in existence, this path Dawn created by disobedience will NEVER be forged again. Any future parasite that thinks about growing in Mother’s body will be eliminated without further need of Vindicating Her Great Name or Her reasoning behind upholding Her Right to Sovereign Rule over that which She alone brought forth with LOVE and KINDNESS towards the things She takes delight in. REALITY beyond Her own Self, it was and is for Her delight; She was most KIND to share and bring delight to those that obey Her; Her Laws are for our own good, or She would not have felt it necessary to enact Laws for Her Creation starting with the Word, Michael / Christ Jesus, whom She permitted to open the door to all other creative works within Her realm of existence. There EXISTS 3 Realms of Existence:

1) Yahweh – as the REALITY of all things.

2) The Spirit Realm; it is a realm within Her Realm, just as

3) the fleshly realm is a realm within Her own Realm of existence; they are 3 realms in UNITY – within, and with Mother Yahweh; reality cannot be outside of Her, and therefore, cannot be apart from Her.

She is like the Great Pyramid that She built creation upon with Her Only Begotten Son, the Word. He cornerstoned the foundation from being placed there by Yahweh; as the cornerstone or foundation She created, he built within the Great Pyramid a stone at a time, all that exists upon his own taught ability; this is why, all hinges on the Word who became Christ Jesus, so that by Father’s own witness and testimony, the Word built a REALITY – split in two halves, making two levels or two Realities we and the spirit hosts could live within on separate planes at the same time, occupying the same identical space, except he did it on two levels:

1) The spirit realm.

2) The fleshly realm.

But apart from the TRUE REALITY, which is Mother Yahweh, nothing exists; so kids, our foundation on the very Word of Christ Jesus whom was exhalted to the cap of the Pyramid and still is the foundation nonetheless, yet remains within the Only True Reality, because apart from Yahweh, there would be no foundation of the two realities we’ve all come to know.

This is why Michael was referred to as the cornerstone of Creation and not Yahweh; She is the EXISTENCE of all things – Not what existence was created off of, being a stone set in place, like that of the Word; instead, Father is the ESSENCE of not only the stone, but all that exists. This is why all things come through Her, because they originally came from Her; Michael could not have created a single thing without the use of raw energy that Yahweh made available through Her body of own energy; therefore, She truly is the Beginning and Ending of all that’s in existence; without Her, nothing would exist, because like a power plant that burns coal to give energy to living things like us, where would the coal be without the Plant that was in place to burn the coal and activate the process that delivers us energy? The same holds true with Yahweh; the SOURCE – the ONLY SOURCE of any and all things in existence; and therefore it is proper to acknowledge Yahweh as the Creator of all that’s in existence within Her Might Power Plant that never ceases to bring forth the energy of Life Sustaining Power to those that are obedient to Her; the Almighty God so wise and so tender in LOVE for all that She permitted to come into existence, and only asks that She be appreciated and be obeyed for whom She really represents.

Michael is the FIRST stone, but Yahweh is the ROCK that the stone was taken from; this is why Yahweh in symbolism is referred to as the ROCK.

I’ve told all of you that the angelic hosts are just like us; well, last night Dawn suffered a mental breakdown; he was sobbing his eyes out and begging Yahweh’s forgiveness; he had a legitimate greiving spirit to the very core of his soul. I assisted Michael in taking Dawn before Yahweh’s essence, and Father HEALED Dawn. She told him, “You were once loved by me no less than any of my chidren, but you challenged My right to Rule in love and righteousness, and you knew my Laws because they were written upon your heart at your conception, but you chose a path I warned you against, and now you must fulfill the destiny you chose on your hearts inclination. I take no delight in your destruction, but I will not break my own Laws that I govern my children by, and you will not desert the seed you’ve sown. Your mind is healed, now leave my presence.”

From what Yahweh told Dawn, about his “seed” he brought forth, that made me think of the blind ministers that cultivate a blind seed, and how they are held to a higher degree of sin for having mislead them, even if they too are blind to what they are teaching; and the fact that Dawn sought forgiveness, yet he has cultivated a seed that must be extinguished; for that alone, his eternal death penalty is Just and worthy of his execution – causing so many lives to be lost.

If Michael is the cornerstone of creation, then Dawn is the slag stone foundation of a crumbling cliff of evil that must slide off into oblivion.”

-Seraiah, April 4, 2008

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Are You Blind to the Real Reality?

Blind to the real reality that exists around all that reside in creation. Spirit life is more abundant than flesh and blood of the physical plane, yet the minds of those that are not true believers in Father’s scheme of things are blinded to everything they cannot clearly see. By that I mean – what is not hidden in the background. Yet, even those spirits and other spiritual things are clearly visible if one truly opens their eyes to the manifestations.

2 Corinthians 4:4 “Regarding them: the god of this age has blinded the minds of the unbelievers so they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.”

Blinded to the truth because they do not truly believe.

1 John 2:11 “But the one who hates his brother is in the darkness, walks in the darkness, and doesn’t know where he’s going, because the darkness has blinded his eyes.”

Those that hate the truth or do not accept the truth are haters of their brothers and sisters that are of the truth. Satan’s own darkness has overtaken them and they cannot see.

And, there are those that simply cannot see what is right in front of them. Though they seek, they cannot comprehend that what they seek is never really far from them.

Above is a classic example in Satan and the converts game playing with ghost hunters and a crop from that same picture. (2nd photo)

Included is a lightened version of the same crop. Note that at first glance there appears to be simply a haze of energy, but then the faces unfold.

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Casts in Space – Riding the Hand of Yahweh

18,700 years ago, a supernova in the Circinus constellation resulted in a neutron star that spins seven times per second, a pulsar 20 kilometers in diameter called PSR B1509-58. Yes, it’s either that or God’s hand giving us five.

Or maybe it’s God reaching for its cosmic burrito, like a commenter says. The image—100 light years long—was captured by the Chandra X-Ray observatory. According to NASA, the “low energy X-rays are in red, medium energies in green, and high energies in blue. The pulsar itself is in the bright central region.”

This is a sign in the heavens that tells a story. Can you see what the story is? The hand of Yahweh pushes back the head of the serpent to keep evil at bay. Look close and you’ll see the Serpent’s eye on the far right. Yahweh pushes it to the side, and also buries Her fingers in its mouth from the front. So now we come to the dating of when this was formed. Dawn only sinned a little over six thousand years ago, so how can it be as old as the scientists believe? Yet it is. Can you guess the answer?

The answer is: Yahweh is eternal and created time. So, She moves back and forth within time because it has no restraints on He since She is also outside of time. When she causes something to display a record that was earlier than when the actual offense or happening occurred, it is still valid because Yahweh does not lose Her memory as She moves across the boundaries of time. She makes signs to record past, present, and future events. To Her they are simply a record regardless of when She caused the recording to take place.

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What awaits those humans who commit vile crimes when they cross over?

“Well, here is a message from the Cherubic Order in the form of a vision. It also applies to those that are left behind at Armageddon. Regardless of whether the crime be murder, rape, molestation, or other vile act; and regardless of whether or not it has been, or ever was brought to the attention of Mankind, there are those on the other side that are well aware of what happened.

The amounts of Holy Ghosts (those are ghosts that have passed through the Baptismal Light) that are keeping a watch over us on this physical plane are in the multi-millions. So, when a vile act is committed, it is always witnessed by many of these Holy Ghosts. They in turn, notify the Cherubic Order of Holy Angels that are stationed on this planet, and are deputized to handle these types of matters.

When notification is given, the Cherubs respond by “Spiritually Tagging” the criminal. Once this takes place, the Azmon Order who is always on alert as a barrier around this planet, does not permit these tagged individuals to cross through the barrier. They are stuck on the first plane of existence, which the Cherubs refer to as “Magog” because of it being a detention holding plane for Satan and his forces to finish out the testing phase of Mankind.

When these tagged ghosts are spotted by the Cherub Watchdog Patrols, they give pursuit. The tagged offenders are apprehended into custody by these spiritual deputies. They are then permitted to pass through the Azmon Barrier with Cherub Guards and accompanied by Holy Ghosts that take the offender before the presence of Almighty God. There, the crime or crimes are visually shown in detail to the Creator; then, no less than two Holy Ghosts bear witness to the criminal’s vile action or actions.

When the Creator pronounces sentencing, the Cherubs deliver the prisoner to the Powers Order of Holy Angels that police the upper planes. From there, he or she is delivered to the
Seraphic Order that is in charge of the darkest realms. Once in their hands, the offender is placed in a dark realm. The crimes are played out visually for him or her to view on a repeated basis. How long they remain there, or if they will ever get out, is up to the Creator.

It should be noted, that a person can seek forgiveness after having committed a vile act. In some cases, if the Creator feels they’re really repentant, because only He can read their true feelings of the heart, then the “Spiritual Tag” is removed. They move up to the second plane(s) and are greeted by a counselor. They cannot enter the Light until certain steps are taken and satisfied to the Creator’s atonement of sinful acts.”

What happens to the Little Ones who cross over?

“The babies, and children of a very tender age, they’re under special arrangement with the Creator when they pass over to the other side. In fact, all children are. However, some problems arise with those children that are up in age and can understand some of what has happened. I will detail that a little later in this post, and the remedy that usually works. As Christ made note of this arrangement at Matthew 18:10 when he stated: “See that you don’t look down on one of these little ones, because I tell you that in heaven their angels
continually view the face of My Father in heaven.” (HCSB)

At the passing of one of these little ones, he or she becomes surrounded by Holy Ghosts on the other side. In addition, the Cherubic Order of Holy Angels assigns an escort of honor guards to honor the child’s presence into the Spirit Realm, and provides escort for all parties involved to the Azmon Barrier. From there, the Powers Order of Holy Angels gives an honorable escort through the Baptismal Light, where relatives that have passed at an earlier time are awaiting the child’s arrival. Transition for the other side is quick and efficient, and is handled with much tender love for the child.

These young children are not required to do anything more than, receive the promised hope. This is born out in Colossians 1:5 concerning the “hope”: “The hope that is being reserved for you in the heavens.”

Children of an older age that are old enough to understand some of what is happening, are sometimes reluctant to accept the “arrangement” set up by the Creator for their immediate benefit. They often do this because they do not wish to leave the first plane of existence. They do not fully understand what has happened to them. They just know they want to be back with their parents or whoever was raising them at the time they passed. In cases like this, the children are constantly watched over by Holy Ghosts until they can be persuaded to leave and enter the Baptismal Light.

Sometimes, a relative that has passed is often able to coax the child to go with him or her. When that happens, all parties involved (Holy Ghosts, Cherub Honor guards, etc.) then effect a transfer through the Light as is done in all child passings. However, even a child of the exampled older age cannot be forced to leave until they’re ready and willing to so. It is the Creator’s Will.”

What happens to your loved ones that cross over from violent acts?

“When a person is murdered, two things happen almost immediately.

(1) They are instantaneously on the other side.

(2) They are surrounded by Holy Ghosts that try to take away their fear of the new environment.

And in the case of a psychic (as well as non-psychics in most cases), the guide(s) will be there also. They have come to know their guides and find them a comfort. For most, they will have guides on hand that they never even knew about; simply because they never developed their psychic gifts. But nonetheless, they had guides. Some people call it intuition. But, it’s really a guide or guides that are giving you those vibes or feelings about something. The ones that will not have guides, they are the ones that are spiritually tagged for Cherub apprehension. Those are special cases, and I won’t address them here. This is about good people that get crossed over by evil people, or people that kill thinking they had a vengeful right.

The latter, it could cause a person to be spiritually tagged, even though they felt it was “justice” on their part. But, if they made a mistake, they willfully crossed over an innocent person; they could also still be held accountable before the Creator for such a brash act, even if the person was seemingly deserving of what he or she got; and that is part of the message the Cherubs have given me to relay. “Fear not. Justice will be forthcoming. Justice will be served.” Once the person has been crossed over, the Holy Ghosts and guides accompany the person (normally) through the Azmon barrier of angels that have Satan and his evil doers blockaded. Satan is not permitted, or any of his minion to hinder or in any way have authority over people that have crossed over. If such an occurrence were to occur, the Cherubs would attack and subdue the offending demonic forces and hold them for disposition. The Orange Plane is a guaranteed sentence for such an act on their part. Knowing this, even the vilest of Satan’s dark army are obedient concerning this rule.

When the Holy Ghosts and the victim that was crossed over reaches the edge of the Light, they are taken to the Edge of Light House of Worship that is located just outside the Baptismal Light. There, they are greeted by loved ones that have previously crossed over in past times. From there, they will either enter the Light, or they will go to the Great Hall of Records first. It depends on the situation. But eventually, they enter the Baptismal Light and are admitted to the Heavenly Realm that all Holy Ghosts originate from. They are nurtured and cared for. Eventually, they might petition to be a guide. They can freely visit the lower plane once they have been tutored and given a home in the Majestic Heavenly realm. However, in some special cases, they choose not to enter the Light, and they are free to transverse the planes of existence. This could apply to anyone passing from murder – to a natural death. No one is a prisoner (i.e. ghosts) in the spiritual planes, except for those sentenced to the darkest realms. All other ghosts are free to move about as they please.

The only exception, is, some are restrained from entering the Light for a time. Other than that, some just take longer at becoming heavenly members of the Divine Realm on the other side of the Baptismal Light. Upon passing through that light, they become Holy Ghosts. Here’s something of important note. Because of what awaits vile criminals that are not forgiven, the victims do not normally seek revenge. But, there are exceptions to every case. If a victim that was crossed over does not want to go with the Holy Ghosts and guides, they cannot be made to do so. In some cases, murder victims are so distraught and head-set over what happened to them that they remain on the first lower plane of existence. They follow the person that took their life; and in some cases, they stay where the crime occurred. In essence, they haunt the place that it happened at, because they cannot accept being crossed over to the other side when they might have had a seemingly full life ahead of them. Keep in mind, that in their mind, they’re leaving relatives and friends behind; wives, husbands, and kids, as the case might be. It is a hard thing for them to do. They have not yet been indoctrinated on the second level(s) of existence. They only know what they feel inside at that moment. So, they are left alone to work things out. Eventually, they will leave the first plane and enter the Baptismal Light; but, it must be at their own pace. And this is another reason that Satan and his demonic forces are under a “hands off” policy concerning ghosts and that means all ghosts. Even converts cannot be hindered by the dark forces; and they are willing participants in Satan’s war. But, the Creator still affords protection to even them. They play a part in doing the Creator’s will.

So friends, the Cherubs message is that your loved ones are taken care of. Even on the lower plane, where some of them have chosen to be for a time; they’re under the watchful eye of the Cherubic Order of Holy Angels. When they’ve decided to move on to the upper planes, they will be permitted to do so unhindered. The Creator permits free will, even on the other side. At their leisure, they will be united in Heaven. The above can be applied to auto wreck victims – heart attacks, natural passings, etc. The process is pretty much the same. Everyone is taken care of on the other side. It’s all been worked out by the Creator.”

Spirit Realm, Spirit Energy & Spirit Casts Q&A

Q. “So, the angels have a kind of flexi grid which they can pattern their thoughts on to give visual representation and they can interlock with other matrices to cast larger images?”

A. Everything in our Mother’s creation is set up in an orderly fashion that is governed by laws. The laws of creation affect each side of the spectrum – that being the invisible and the visible. You know that some of the things seen in the visible are also connected to things in the invisible. For example, the Sun puts off both light that can be seen, and light that cannot be seen by the naked eye. It is a perfect example of the visible and the invisible working in unity. That star’s exact distance from the earth reveals intelligent placement, and not only that, but were it larger or smaller, it would not be beneficial in what it was designed for in relation to this planet. So, that also reveals intelligent design. And so with the spirit world there is much intelligent design and placement of laws that make the two realms work in harmony with one another. You know that if you boil water it will steam and evaporate into the air. This is a law of the visible realm. It is a concrete fact that you can depend on. You know that your very life depends on good health, avoidance of life threatening accidents, and being safe from violent acts against yourself by another person or animal that could cause your death. Though you’ve never personally experienced death, you know it’s real because you’ve lost loved ones and friends. You see it is a reality in this world on a daily basis. You recognize death as a law of the visible creation that respects no one and eventually befalls every person of every generation, and in so doing, you take daily measures to avoid being one of that laws casualties for as long as your time on earth can be extended. Now we move to the laws of the spirit realm.

In the spirit realm you come to realize that death is the turning off of energy. It is a reality – the law of death – that can happen on either side of the two realms. You come to realize that you are not invincible in the spirit realm. That spirits do die. But then you learn that the same law that applies to those that pass over – rebirth to life – is the same law that gives rebirth on the other side. It is then that you come to really understand that the Law-giver is the only source of life. From nothing but raw energy you came into existence. So without our Mother Yahweh, you know that no cohesion exists to remain in existence without Her life force maintaining our individual existence, but existing as part of a hive of workers. It is referred to as “Unification.” Working in unison. This is what the holy family is all about. It is best expressed in nature with the honey bees whom serve their Queen. The entire colony works in unity to keep the hive healthy and growing for the benefit of the group of that family of bees.

Like a beehive, the “flexi grid” is capable of bending easily without breaking, able to change or be changed to respond to different circumstances. Like when Michael and his Mother Yahweh responded to Satan’s challenge, and as things continued to change in the war, they altered the original Plan to respond to the ever changing circumstances. With the holy angels, the need for using them as messengers came into play on earth. Visions were borne out of need. Later, with the introduction of holy ghosts to the war effort, still more changes were needed in order to respond to the growing numbers on both sides of the chess board’s war. This required a network of spirits that could adhere to and effectively perform within the grid of communication relaying. This meant that a schooling must take place. From there the Holy Ghost Orders were borne. The schooling consisted of not only learning MORAL Laws, but also the SPIRITUAL PHYSICAL laws that govern the spirit realm. But the most important of the spiritual physical laws, was that of working like bees in a hive. To be and to remain unified. Without that unity, no result could be attained. It is often referred to as the “One Two Three effect.” Where Mother Yahweh is ONE, Christ is TWO, and the hive is THREE.

Psalm 118:12 “They surrounded me like bees; they were extinguished like a fire among thorns; in the name of the LORD I destroyed them.”

bee >noun 1 a stinging winged insect which collects nectar and pollen from flowers and produces wax and honey. 2 a meeting for communal work or amusement: a sewing bee.
-PHRASES the bee’s knees informal an outstandingly good person or thing. have a bee in one’s bonnet informal be obsessed with something.
-ORIGIN Old English.

A bee produces the things needed for the hive it belongs to, and works as a colony. And just as bees have a special way to communicate, so do the spirits.

Q. ” they can pattern their thoughts on to give visual representation and they can interlock with other matrices to cast larger images?”

A. Yes. They form three size casts. Small, medium, and large.

Q. “Would you say it was similar to a 3D hologram?”

A. Yes, very much like that. If you walked over to where the vision was being cast, you would note that it is usually on a solid surface, or in water. When spirits cast, they often direct casts (like moving) around with their expanded energy within a room looking for the best light to cast in. If it is very dark, when your eyes adjust, you will note that the entire cast is in a reddish colored background. But as you continue to watch, the colors will come forth with only the red background remaining.

Q. “Are the casts of objects really SOLID or is the illusion given that there solid? I mean, what fills the space under the cast?”

A. It is an illusion as far as the casts go, but the energy is very real. When the holy angels are facing off with the demons they do a maneuver that preps them for conflict.. Both sides vibrate down to fight. Size is determined by location. Both sides can fight in different size settings. The war rules call for both sides to be equal in size, but often the demons form dragons and serpents that are humongous by grouping in clusters to fight the holy angels. If they do not vibrate down, then the casts are not solid, but this does not protect either side from harm by not being more solid. Spirit energy fills the space, and that casting energy is an extension of one or more spirits -just like your arms are – and it can be walked through in the visible realm, but would be a danger to either side if opposing energy came in contact with it on the other side. If someone threw an electrical line in a swimming pool and it did not ground out, but you entered the pool, what would happen? It would ground out to you and electrocute you to death. The electricity could not be seen in the water, yet the threat was real though unseen. In the spirit realm other spirits are not invisible to one another unless a spirit is cloaked. Being cloaked will not protect against coming in contact with opposing energy, it is merely a tactic to infiltrate.The process of vibrating down is for more than just the purpose of combat. It allows you to perform tasks and do other things. “what fills the space under the cast?” The energy you can see around you when spirits are present. It is spirit energy vibrating at a high rate of speed. But to understand all of this, you must understand that all things consist of energy. Intelligent energy moves about, or casts as though it is moving if stationary, but it reveals intelligence. If you were on the other side and looked at a power line, you could see the electricity moving through it, but that energy lacks intelligence. It is on a set course to do work, but it has no intelligence because it is like neutral or raw energy. It simply serves a purpose. It follows its law of movement through the wires to its destination. Intelligent energy has no confinement unless it is imprisoned or spent.

Q. “I’ve never asked this question before, but how do angels communicate? Is it by telepathy or pictorial signals?”

A. They can communicate both ways. However, a pictorial record is the basis for the Great Hall of Records. Anything done in creation, including what happens over here is recorded by holy ghosts in pictorial form. It can be a record for your good standing, or the evil one does, but whichever the case might be, it is all recorded. Like an old movie you thought you had forgotten and the watching of scenes brings it all back, that is how the pictorial record works. Those that are not forgiven are reminded of past conduct and what the outcome will eventually be if they do not accept Christ and our Mother into their hearts and abide by Her Way.

Videos: Paranormal Spiritual Activity Caught on Tape

A collection of videos showing paranormal activity from my paranormal investigation days.At each of the below investigations I was there to act as the human catalyst in ousting the demons that were oppressing those who contacted our team for help. Only with the backing of Yahweh, Christ Jesus and the Cherubic Order is this possible. (It is not recommended that you attempt this on your own.)

This one shows a circular anomaly captured during an investigation that shoots up on the right side of the screen.

A mist formation that moves from left to right during the same investigation.

And another, larger mist formation that moves upwards on the right side of the screen.

And, my second favorite Spiritual Orb video. This was captured while setting up the infrared cameras for the investigation. (The movement you see on the right hand side is me.) Note the flight pattern and how it “jumps” through time and space and then quickly reappears to continue flight.

Casts & Visions as Explained by Joseph, Holy Ghost Part 2

“Now children, first we will look at the ability to cast. “The cast effect,” how is it really performed? It is a unique way of composing both pictorial messages combined with lettering and symbols. The process requires not one single mind, but many minds to help in bringing out the messages and placing everything uniformly in a pattern that goes within the 360 circumference. That meaning, no matter how you turn your head to look at a cast in nature, or you turn a pic, you are going to see uniform casts.

The first thing a group of holy ghosts will do prior to forming the casts, is to observe the area the cast will be formed within. Then they incorporate all shapes, colors, and anything useful into the cast effect. In some casts there will be literally thousands of spirits involve. The same is true of the demonic casts. When you think you are seeing a full human-like demon via a shadowy looking energy mass that takes on that form, and then you see it become more hideous looking, or perhaps change shape to an serpent or possibly a dragon, that is nothing more than hundreds and possibly thousands of demons forming those types of casts. They simply alter their ganged-energy shape to form the next LOOK they are trying to achieve. But the reality is they do not look anything like the cast. It is all performed for effect. Like when a human puts on a mask for Halloween. It’s not real. It is a mind game with them to instill fear.

If you were to watch them closely while the cast is taking place, it will begin to fade away. This is because the amount of energy expended is a large amount to maintain the cast even by thousands of spirits burning off their energy reserves. For this reason, casts are continually fading out as new ones come into view. The new casts are by other spirits in the cluster that are partially recharged for the next cast effect. Then those that fade down their energy, they are talking the time to partially recharge for when it comes their turn to again cast another part of what they are conveying. What happens if you will watch closely, is that that move down towards the floor as if they were dissolving. They break apart and look like tiny people moving about. Then a closer inspection reveals literally hundred if not thousand of tiny spirits were a part of the vast amount of energy you were viewing.

And this is why the man that Jesus exorcised demons out of in olden times said that many had entered him: Luke 8:30 “What is your name?” Jesus asked him. “Legion,” he said—because many demons had entered him.”

A legion consists of 6,000 and it is an old time known fact that the Roman legions consisted of that amount of soldiers. And that is why Jesus expressed the known fact when he stated the amount of each legion of holy angels he could call on to deliver him if he had wanted to back out of the Ransom Sacrifice deal he had made with our Mother: Matthew 26:53 “Or do you think that I cannot call on My Father, and He will provide Me at once with more than 12 legions of angels?” 12 legions alone would have consisted of 72,000 warriors, and he could have called on Mother for more than just 12 legions. Although I think 72,000 would have been enough to decimate the Roman army and all others opposed to Jesus

The same holds true for the holy side. Literally a multitude of spirits can be involved in forming casts and usually are. But like in the case of the holy angel cited at 2 Chronicles 18:20 “Then a spirit came forward, stood before the LORD, and said, ‘I will entice him.'” To perform the trance of deception that was planned, it required only one spirit to conjure those visionary thoughts.

He did so by himself, because he was using “The trance effect.” That is the ability to form thoughts and project them in a directed way that is seen by the receiver or receivers. They get the gist of what is being transmitted unless it is meant to be mysterious and in need of a prophet to give the answer to the riddle. But that was in olden times, and riddles are rarely used by the holy side in these last days.

So children, hopefully this will give all of you a better understanding of the cast and vision phenomena that is an important tool to the spirit realm’s arsenal on both sides of the spectrum. Space is the reason for spirits being created small.”

Casts & Visions as Explained by Joseph, Holy Ghost Part 1

This photo was taken in February of 2010 and reveals very large face cast belonging to a Holy Angel of my shield. Look closely and use your second sight. His left eye (our right) is most prominent; once you find that the rest of his face comes into view. It’s just above the orb shaped collection of energy.

The messages encoded in the above picture mainly have to do with my shield, that I am closely and carefully watched, and heartfelt love sent from my brothers and sisters in sovereign union with me.

The following is from Joseph, a Holy Ghost, as he explains casts and visions: “For any of you still hanging in there and interested in exactly how it is that spirits cast, I will now fill you all in on exactly how spirits create the casts that I have pointed out in the previous photos on this thread.

“One of the things taught to holy ghosts is this. How to form casts. Now children this is not to be confused with casting a vision which is also taught to the consortium making up the holy ghost Orders. The difference is that visions are conjured by thought with a pictorial description of past events, future, and sometimes what is currently taking place. Whereas casts are formed, usually done so by many spirits acting in unison to form a complete uniform design that contains messages at a 360 degree circumference. Here is an example of two different messages by both methods. You see the Ark that Noah and his family received salvation in. Close examination reveals many spirits involved in making up the Ark’s cast. That is called “The cast effect.” Then you have a vision of the Ark. Only one spirit need be involved in this process to form the vision. It is called “The trance effect.” Now before I reveal more about my own past training in these two method, which incidentally humans not yet passed over have the ability to do “The trance effect” in their minds, because all that you think can be seen in the spirit realm in visual form. Over here it is called day dreaming. For instance, you see yourself on a yacht and sailing around the world in luxury That is a future trance vision of what you might like your future to be. Now let’s look at the two definitions before I reveal more.

definition of conjure >verb (usu. conjure up) 1 cause to appear as if by magic. 2 call to the mind. 3 call upon (a spirit) to appear by magic. 4 archaic implore to do something.
-PHRASES a name to conjure with a name of great importance within a particular field.
-ORIGIN Latin conjurare ‘band together by an oath, conspire’.

The above is the process of conjuring thought into a manifested vision.It requires nothing more than thoughts directed to the individual or individuals they are meant for. It is therefore a conjured vision via the trance effect propagated by the spirit giving forth the vision.

definition of propagate >verb 1 breed by natural processes from the parent stock. 2 promote (an idea, knowledge, etc.) widely. 3 transmit in a particular direction.
-DERIVATIVES propagation >noun.
-ORIGIN Latin propagare ‘multiply from layers or shoots’.

The spirit transmits the vision in a particular direction.

vision >noun 1 the faculty or state of being able to see. 2 the ability to think about the future with imagination or wisdom. 3 a mental image of what the future will or could be like. 4 an experience of seeing something in a dream or trance, or as a supernatural apparition. 5 the images seen on a television screen. 6 a person or sight of unusual beauty.
-ORIGIN Latin, from videre ‘to see’.

The vision is indeed the use of your mind’s faculty in trance state – because both sides of the coin, the SENDER and the RECEIVER are in some form of the trance state of mind for the phenomena to take place and be seen.

definition of cast >verb (past and past part. cast) 1 throw forcefully or so as to spread over an area. 2 cause (light or shadow) to appear on a surface. 3 direct (one’s eyes or thoughts) towards something. 4 express: journalists cast doubt on this account. 5 register (a vote). 6 assign a part to (an actor) or allocate parts in (a play or film). 7 discard or shed. 8 throw the hooked and baited end of (a fishing line) out into the water. 9 shape (metal or other material) by pouring it into a mold while molten. 10 produce by casting: a figure cast in bronze. 11 arrange and present in a specified form or style. 12 cause (a magic spell) to take effect. 13 Hunting (of a dog) search around for a scent. >noun 1 the actors taking part in a play or film. 2 an object made by casting metal or other material. 3 (also plaster cast) a bandage stiffened with plaster of Paris, molded to support and protect a broken limb. 4 an act of casting. 5 form, appearance, or character: minds of a philosophical cast. 6 a slight squint.
-PHRASES be cast away be stranded after a shipwreck. be cast down feel depressed. cast about (or around or round) search far and wide. cast off 1 Knitting take the stitches off the needle by looping each over the next. 2 set a boat or ship free from its moorings. cast on Knitting make the first row of loops on the needle.
-ORIGIN Old Norse.

Among the things expressed in the above definition, “3 direct (one’s eyes or thoughts) towards something.” You’ve undoubtedly seen and felt this effect while viewing casts. Casts can come in many forms. It might be in pics, or vegetation, clouds, etc. As you are looking, your mind starts to see things that others might not be able to see. This is not because you are seeing matrix but instead,your mind and eyes are being directed in unison to see what you are meant to see. Those that cannot comprehend this concept refer to it as “matrix.” That’s their loss, because they are missing out on the truth of the spirit realm and how it really works.”


Mirror Photo Reveals Holy Angel Cherubic Shield

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This photo was taken just a few months ago in my bathroom mirror. So that you can see and compare for yourself, above you see the original photo, below that is the sepia version of the same photo and below that one is revealed through further color adjustments, my holy angelic shield. (Note that their size is not full human, but as I have stated below, smaller and closer to the true size of spirits)

Whether you choose to believe or not to believe (and yes it is a choice) the logic cannot be ignored. I’ve shown you examples of how spirits cast with interconnected casts in all pictures. Since the semi-translucent spirits require a backdrop that also has colors because they are at the doorway of the spirit realm and the colors are deeper within, they must utilize what is readily available. Shapes of existing things also aid them in their cast effect.

Those who claim to be well versed on paranormal phenomena and the spirit realm are only leaning on their own understanding and what seems right in their own minds and what they themselves determine to be possible, and not what is really real.

Since ghost hunters claim to understand the process of spirits by saying they would simply utilize or create their own material bodies, and that they do not cast out of proportion to human bodies, and not in cartoon characteristics, it can be proven that more often than not, they do exactly that. Just as the crop circles that are not understood by science or creation, the intelligence cannot be denied. In the same way, the spirit realm and what is considered “paranormal” by science and creation is also not fully understood, but the intelligence behind the casting and manifestations of spirits and in spiritual photography cannot be denied. While where the intelligence comes from can be debated and is based on an individual’s personal beliefs, the intelligence itself cannot.

The purpose of this blog is not to turn non-believers into believers. That would be a waste of time. It’s been to reach the 1 in 1,000 out there that are searching and open to Truth.

How this all connects with the Spiritual War is simple. It proves that spirits in Yahweh’s creation are as real as you and me. So it serves both to enlighten and to warn. Whether you accept or reject Yahweh and Christ Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Whether you accept or reject Yahweh’s Word. Whether you accept or reject what has been prophesied to occur, it is all real, it is all true, it is occurring now and and it will continue until the Rapture and Armageddon is upon us.

Those who accept this truth are blessed with some time in which to prepare themselves and their hearts and accept an opportunity of rescue, salvation and eternal life. Those who do not and want more “proof” or to be convinced will not be. The proof will be provided for them but it will be too late. It is not Yahweh’s will that any should perish, but time is running out.

Spiritual Casts in Nature

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Where spirits cast is not only limited to what I’ve shared so far. As I’ve said, spirits are everywhere and they have been everywhere for a very long time. So you would be hard pressed to find a place on earth where there isn’t spiritual energy markings that act as recording of an event or events.

They can be seen in trees, bushes, grass, water, in fire and on rocks and mountainous structures and in deserts; even on the bottom of the ocean. The Crop Circles are also related to the holy and fallen angels and their casts can be seen there as well. They can even be seen in satellite images and in the outer reaches of space as all of creation exists within our Creator, and He is the one that sets the boundaries.

Above is an example of how the can be found in nature. It also so happens to be an excellent example of spiritual energy in orb form. Below the first photo are additional photos and markings.

Also included is a screenshot from the a news video, showing the bottom of the ocean in the gulf. The natural disaster caused by the leak and other spills and leaks around the world are related to the Tribulation and fulfillment of prophecy spoken of in the book of Revelation. Below are additional markings of the same photo.

The Unity of Deciphering Spiritual Photos

What you might view in a picture, and what others might view, and say that we all see something different, that is because the messages being conveyed to each of us at the times we look at a spirit pic might be totally individual to each of us. Something totally different means that it was a specific message per individual.

Q. Could you please explain a bit more on how this works? There have been many times in which say, I’ve taken a smoke or mirror photo and received a basic feeling and/or understanding of the message conveyed. Then Person B looks at it and sees and/or feels something completely different. Up until now it was my understanding that if you take the photo the message is for you. So often this will cause me to second guess what it was I was feeling and/or understanding. I would like to gain better understanding on how messages are conveyed so that I might be more confident when deciphering messages.

A. When you take a picture you are zoned in through your mind on the spot you are shooting; the message is meant for you even if it is about someone else; this is because you are the conduit used to bring the picture into captured reality. Otherwise, the record does not show up in the visible reality. Since the spirits are using your mind to help them with the projected casts, and they can also draw off of energy within this visible realm like they used off the TV with me, the primary message is meant for the person taking the picture; from that point on, a record is also recorded, just like it is in the spirit realm where the casts are actually taking place; to delve into every message revealed that goes beyond what they’ve conveyed to you, you must sift deeply into the casts within the picture.

Q. How do you know when you’re being used as a conduit for a message meant for someone else? I think that’s where I sometimes get confused, because I know sometimes the message could be to the opposing side and looks scary and gives me a bad feeling. Then I worry that I’m really messing up somehow and it’s a warning for me, when it could actually be a warning for negative energy around me.

A. It’s a feeling you get; an urgency that something is wrong with someone; that’s another time to either grab the camera, or else you should go into a really dark area and look for the red zone of color (vision wise) and see what is coming through. If you see something ugly in a picture, then look closer, because they are multiple casting to make that appearence; break the cast down and you see several spirits that created the look.

Q. Given the messages seen by each individual, does that help to explain … would what we see also be influenced by what we dream, including the things we do not remember that occur in our dreams? My dreams are very rarely pleasant…not enough to make me scared or afraid, but in that same respect, I very rarely ever see anything pleasant in pictures, either.

A. It’s your train of thought; there’s really nothing ugly in the spirit realm; it is an illusion, and if you take those illusions to heart, they affect your psyche and the mind is where the dreams are televised from; in reality, you are MORE MIND than flesh and blood. If you are not really ugly you cannot make a silk purse from a pigs ear; this holds especially true in the spirit realm; all is cast and all is not what you think you might be seeing. It is telling a story of an event, but is really put together with lots of help. I guess the single thing that authenticates spirit pictures is that they cast so intricately and so many things that it would be impossible for anyone to duplicate the process; mainly because it’s a unified effort and requires 360 degrees of casts that seem to never stop changing.

In the spirit realm, unless you cast large like MIchael did before he returned to Yahweh in Heaven after his sacrifice as Christ Jesus, the truth is that all spirit energy is SMALL in comparison to what people believe.

Size is relative in the spirit realm.

“relative >adjective 1 considered in relation or in proportion to something else. 2 existing or possessing a characteristic only in comparison to something else: months of relative calm ended in April. 3 Grammar (of a pronoun, determiner, or adverb) referring to an expressed or implied antecedent and attaching a subordinate clause to it, e.g. which. 4 Grammar (of a clause) attached to an antecedent by a relative word. >noun 1 a person connected by blood or marriage. 2 a species related to another by common origin.
-PHRASES relative to 1 compared with or in relation to. 2 concerning.”

Learning to Decipher Messages in Spiritual Photos

And now I’ll show you an example on how to decipher a message within a photo. First the pictures, the markings, and then the deciphering. Typically I start with the photo right side up as it was taken. And I look for the largest casts first, then medium, then small and then letters and numbers. Then I will rotate the picture, adjust the color and start again.

With all spiritual photos, it takes time. Transfix on the photo and take your time. The casts will begin to appear more clearly for you. They may also fade in and out. Oftentimes there will be so much within a single photo that it can become overwhelming, but just take it one step at a time and mark what you see.

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In the bird is a Y and 8. In the lion is an E. I believe there is also an ox in the far right bottom corner beneath the bird and lion. Within the largest face in the center that appears male, is also a female face. In the center, at it’s brightest point, a Y. As I changed the lighting more appeared. I also see a figure holding a staff within a large heart. The figures around the largest face in the center look towards the heavens and raise their arms upward. The female form leans against the larger center form. A sheep looks towards the female form.

The bird and lion representing sent from the King (Father) as they could also intermix with the ox and be a reference to the Cherubic Order. Or…perhaps be dual in meaning and mean both.

Ezekiel 1:10  The form of [each of] their faces was that of a man, and each of the four had the face of a lion on the right, the face of an ox on the left, and the face of an eagle.

Isaiah 48:2  For they are named after the Holy City, and lean on the God of Israel; His name is Yahweh of Hosts.

Isaiah 50:10  Who among you fears the LORD, listening to the voice of His servant? Who [among you] walks in darkness, and has no light? Let him trust in the name of the LORD; let him lean on his God.

Psalm 23:4  Even when I go through the darkest valley, I fear [no] danger, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff —they comfort me.

John 21:16  A second time He asked him, “Simon, son of John, do you love Me?” “Yes, Lord,” he said to Him, “You know that I love You.” “Shepherd My sheep,” He told him.

Spirit Casts in Smoke

Now onto the next medium that is excellent for capturing spiritual photos. Here you see a series of photos showing spirits in smoke. The one to the left of this paragraph, shows an angel of the Cherubic Order casting the likeness of his face. Upon closer inspection you see many casts (I’ve marked them in the 2nd photo for you).

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Spirits use their surroundings to cast and that includes smoke, steam, water (which is reflective also) glass, I’ve even experimented with my own breath on a cold day. The same applications apply in lightening, darkening, rotating. Also look for letters, numbers, symbols. They are all part of the message.

Some common examples found in my photos are: 8 Stands for the Holy Side, Father, Completion. 7 Stands for Perfection. 3 stands for Unity. 4 for Squared Away. Y stands for Yahweh. Z stands for Zion. A for Alpha. The Omega symbol for the Cherubic Order. K for Kingdom. R for Rapture. E stands for Energy or Evangelize. S for shield. A heart for Love.

Do know though, that the letters and numbers can also stand for other things depending on the message.

It takes seeing everything contained in the photo and piecing together the message along with guidance from those in the Spirit Realm and Father’s Spirit to help you come to a full understanding of the message conveyed.

The Physics of Spiritual Energy

Since spirits are semi-transparent, they permit light to partially pass through, but mostly reflect off their energies. So when a picture is taken, it combines their overlay energy cast to form the foundation of the message contain therein by utilizing the material world’s / physical realm’s background in a slow moving and fast moving energy combination.

Slow energy (low vibrations) is what the material world is made up of. The spirit world is made up of fast moving energy (high vibrations). For a duration in time the two become as one in a blend of one on top the other that can be seen.

Logically, we know this is true because of what we know about physical realm science at this time. For example, let’s compare the human body’s energy make up to that of say, a rock, and the spiritual body energy make up to that of steam. The energy particles of matter that make up the physical body / rock are moving at a much lower rate of vibratory speed than those of spiritual realm body / steam which move at a very high vibratory speed. Both are made of energy and matter, but have very different rates of speed. You could not walk through a human body or a rock, but you could walk through a spiritual body or steam.

You can also find this same line of thinking in achieving astral projection, it too requires that you raise your vibrations so that your shell and celestial energy may exit the low vibrating physical body. To exist in the Spirit Realm is to exist in a state of high vibrations / fast moving energy.

1 Corinthians 2:13 We also speak these things, not in words taught by human wisdom, but in those taught by the Spirit, explaining spiritual things to spiritual people.

And I definitely encourage you and anyone else reading to ponder this. There is a lot of dis-info out there on the paranormal and spirit realm, and many are deceived and misled, so also pray on it.

Our spirits are contained within our bodies. Those of us, like myself, who are able to project, concentrate on increasing our vibrational rate in order to release our shell and celestial energies from our vessel. But we are still connected to our vessel by a cord and can return at anytime. It is when that cord is severed that you permanently leave your vessel and exist in spirit only and then exist in the spirit realm at that higher vibrational rate as a spirit.

Corinthians 15:44 sown a natural body, raised a spiritual body. If there is a natural body, there is also a spiritual body.

To understand fully, you have to have at least a basic understanding of things like energy and mass. Everything is made of energy. Every form of energy has mass. Even light has mass. Thoughts also are energy and have mass. What gives energy its shape is the vibratory rate in which it exists. So, going on that we also know that spirits are energy. And spirits also have mass. Only their energy exists at a very high vibratory rate and is made up of elements that are of finer matter than modern scientists are yet aware of.

Note that the above source I quoted said that the vibratory rate determines if it can be detected by the 5 human senses. There are actually 6 senses. So in order for a spirit to be seen by humans like us, the human must use that 6th sense also called second sight or psychic ability. All humans have it, just some more than others. Or the spirit must use a myriad of physical realm elements in order to be seen (like smoke, as I’ve shown on this thread as well), or they must lower their vibrations. It’s called “Vibing down” and when they do this it enables us to see them or, capture them using cameras. Vibing down means that they are in a way becoming more solid. I guess a way to explain it might be like capturing water vapor which could then turn to water and then could turn to ice. It’s a progression of vibratory rates of that energy. Doing this uses a lot of energy though. While we sleep to rejuvenate our physical bodies, spirits take in more energy or “recharge” – sort of like recharging a battery. So you may be wondering now, “well where are they getting the energy from?” Well, that energy source is God and all energy exists within God and is of God. So if they want to cast as something large, and because it will deplete their energy quicker to do so, often it means that many spirits must work together to cast that image.

There is actually a real science to all of it – these are just things that until now haven’t been known. But God is nature, and the creator of mathematics and science along with everything else in creation and He applied scientific laws to both the visible and invisible realms, so it’s all explainable, valid and logical.

How Do Demons Use Fear Against Us?

Fear, being a weapon of Satan’s and his demons, is not the single thing that brings them through the mind’s door. It has to be coupled with the belief that demons can do harm to you. That is what happens when people read about them. They become afraid of the dark, because they are afraid of the evil they believe lurks there. In reality, that evil is present even in the daylight. But the very belief that they feel they are vulnerable is what gives the demons the opening they need to harass someone. So that is why I say that fear should be shut out. But, there is healthy fear also. It is fear generated from the natural instinct to survive. For example, you hear a window shattered in the middle of the night. That fear that you feel is for your safety. That is the difference. It is a different kind of fear. The other fear is generated by the mind, and it is a fear of the unknown of the spiritual world. That is the fear that Satan and his demons are permitted work off of. It is not a healthy fear, it’s detrimental. Another thing about this type of fear is that the demons can smell it – literally. It is their cue that a mind’s door is open. Under the Creator’s Rules, it gives them the right to enter your presence of mind. During that period, they can and will test you. It can be lengthy if a Cherub Watch is not taking place. So, shut out that type of fear. Don’t provide the very thing the demons can and will use against you. The fact that Satan is powerful, but limited as to how he can use those powers, gives reason enough to keep the door closed to him. With the door closed, he is powerless; otherwise, he is very powerful. But, the Creator has built in safeguards. The Cherubs.

Do Holy Ghosts Protect Us from Demons?

Because of the Rules laid out in this Spiritual War, the Holy Ghosts are to serve as guides and observers, not protect humans from demons. They are not to interfere in the testing of human subjects; however, it happens and when it does, it’s a bending of the Rules. But, both sides bend the Rules, and Satan and his forces are the worst about doing exactly that. So, it all balances out. But, the Holy Ghosts are not armed to deal with the demons, and they’re prohibited from carrying a sword or taking an active part in physically fighting the demons. That job is decreed to be upon the Holy Angelic Orders that are armed.

Because of the prohibition placed upon the Holy Ghosts, it is an Orange Plane offense for any demon to come in physical contact with any spirit. That is a safeguard provided by the Creator, and it is so that the Holy Ghosts can operate freely without being hindered by the demons. It is also intended to provide safe passage out of the Magog detention plane and through the Azmon barrier to the 2nd plane where entry to the Light exists. Whether you’re permitted to enter or not is determined by the life you’ve lived. In some cases, there are tagged offenders that cannot pass through the Azmon barrier.

Satan and his demons are still under a hands-off policy. The Cherubs are the ones that deal with spirits on the lower Magog plane. The Powers Order deals with spirits in the upper planes. So, under the Rules laid out in this War, the Holy Angels are the deputies that enforce the Rules, and the Holy Ghosts are the guides and observers. They are also witnesses and act as such when vile acts are committed. They report directly to the Cherubs.

If you’re still wondering why the Holy Ghosts don’t just surround everyone to keep the demons away from Mankind, you also have to consider that they have no backing by the Heavenly Council to take that action. Although such an action would hinder the demons for fear of coming in contact with those ghosts, there would be no resolution or disposition to the demonic episode. That can only come through the Holy Angels that serve in an authorized capacity to handle the demons that overstep or bend the Rules themselves. In some incidents the demons must be killed. The Holy Ghosts do not possess the armament nor or they permitted to take that action against the demons. Instead, they are our guides and observers of the things that take place on this planet.”

Who are the Azmon Order of Angels?

The Azmon order of angels are actually a coalition formed from more than one Order of Holy Angels. The only two Orders not making up the coalition are Cherubic and Seraphic Orders of angels. My understanding is that the name was given them to represent a “strong” barrier. (The Azmon barrier came into existence after Satan and his demons were ousted from Heaven on June 30th, 1908 which was marked by the Tunguska event in Russia.) The Azmon order of holy angels is the order that surrounds the earth and prevents the demons and converts from escaping the detention plane (also referred to as Magog) into the upper planes of Heaven.

Eventually, the Order itself will be dissolved and the members of Holy Angels making up this special Order will be back in their original positions. I probably should mention that aside from the Cherubs being here on Earth, the Seraphic Order serves as Royal Commanders of the Heavenly Court; they are also in charge of the Orange Plane. The other Orders of Holy Angels are subject to the Seraphic Order. Michael the Archangel is the Commander and Chief of all Orders of Holy Angels. (There is only ONE Archangel) His name signifies that he arches out over all Orders, of which there are many spread all throughout creation. It is his job to see that all angelic duties are performed as they should be.

The Cherubic Order of Holy Angels Part 2

Noah and his family were righteous in the Supreme God’s eyes…

They found favor with God; and as you well know, they were the only humans to survive the Great Flood. The waters of that flood not only drowned all living things that resided on previous dry ground, but it also took with them the secrets divulged by those fallen angels. In addition, the angels that materialized in human form, they were not of Mankind’s “one flesh.” Since Eve was taken from Adam, she too was from the same “one flesh” that Almighty God had created; but the fallen angels materialized a counterfeit flesh that did not represent his original creation, and the union between these counterfeit humans and the female offspring of Adam and Eve produced their own hybrid offspring. The fallen angels kept some of their superior attributes while taking fleshly form, and this produced the Nephilim sons that became “mighty ones.” Something else that made them stronger and mightier was that they ate animal flesh, which was not on mankind’s menu in that creative day and time. Mankind was only in its first thousand years, and it was soon to be wiped out, except for Noah and his family.

At this point the Cherubs received a new order from the Creator. Not only were they to guard the garden, but they were to now look after Noah and his family as well; for Noah was commissioned by Almighty God to preach to the human race. He was to warn of the coming flood; that they needed to follow his warning if they were to survive; namely, to board the Ark when told to do so. But he was also to preach a condemning message to the Nephilim and their wives, and the wives of the fallen angels, that the marriages were unholy unions; that the Nephilim were outcasts of Almighty God’s creation, and they would all perish at the flood without chance of survival. The fallen angels that had taken on bodies of flesh were not part of that judgment. They simply dissolved the bodies and went back into the spirit realm. There, they were metted out judgment by the Creator for their part in further corrupting mankind. But Noah’s message was very distressing to the Nephilim, their wives, as well as the fallen angels wives; so, it became necessary for the Cherubic Order of angels to provide front line protection to them during this preaching work and until the flood came and swept evil mankind away.

During those thousand years, countless tries attempted at gaining entry to the garden were thwarted. Many people, including angelic offspring died by the hand of the Cherubic Order of angels. Due to the flaming sword of the Creator, it was impossible for any of the fallen angels to raid the Tree of Life and retrieve the fruit for their wives; however, it should be noted that the fruit would not have benefited the Nephilim; they were not covered under the original covenant which mankind had with the Creator, since they (the Nephilim) were hybrids. But it would have benefited the fallen angels wives as well as the wives of the Nephilim. So, it was the Cherubic Order of angels that stood between them and the garden; and a holy flaming sword that protected the sacred tree.

In addition, the Cherubs were with Christ throughout his lifetime, guiding and supporting him in bringing the message of God to the masses. Today, those same Cherubs are front line defenders here on Earth. They have not yet been released from that duty. Currently their roles have to do with the Spiritual War that is raging within the spirit realm. While Satan and his army fights to keep prophecy from occurring, the Cherubic Order works around the clock to ensure that it does. And, like they protected Noah and his family, they’re doing the same thing today with all people that have faith in the Supreme Being – God, the Creator. For that reason, we should be very grateful to them.

The photos that you will view that were taken of members of the Cherubic Order are on this site. They manifested in Ceremonial Armor and with their human looks. They are not perfect photos as one might expect. There is a massive amount of energy used to manifest and this energy is also evident in these photos.

The Cherubic Order of Holy Angels Part 1

Disclaimer: The purpose of sharing this information is to dispel the myths that are out there in regards to the Cherubic Order of Holy Angels as well as to provide accurate truths to those visiting this site so that they may have a better understanding as to the Cherubic Order’s history and the part they play in the Spiritual War. The worship of Angels is STRICTLY prohibited.

The photos of these Angels that are included on this site and in the book Chosen: End Times Truths Revealed are a GIFT. Proof has been given for those who may be lacking in Faith and/or to cement the Faith of those who already believe in the Father and accept Christ as their Lord and Savior so that they may in turn, have a better chance of obtaining eternal life.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will also find scriptural references that explain who the Holy Angels are and what their place in Creation is.

There are two sides to the Spiritual War that rages around us in an unseen realm.

Not only are there demons, there are angels as well. This article will serve to explain just one order of angels; the Cherubic Order. This is the order that protects me personally on a daily basis, and the order I have come to learn the most about. And, just to clear up any questions, it should also be said that while we ministers of the Light of Life Ministry worship ONLY Yahweh and His son, Jesus Christ, the Cherubic Order is always in the background watching over us and assisting us with our ministry as our benefactors.

Cherub (chr´b), plural cherubim, kind of angel. Cherubim were probably thought of in the ancient Middle East as composite creatures like the winged creatures of Assyria. In Jewish tradition, they are described (Ezek.10) as having four faces and four wings and also as beautiful young men; but late Christian art made plump children of them, as in Raphael’s Sistine Madonna. With the seraphim they are said to be in the very presence of God. The color surrounding them is traditionally blue and they are mentioned no less than 90 times in the scriptures.

Traditionally, when someone mentions cherubs, people imagine them to be cute chubby “cupid like” little babies with wings that are depicted in so many paintings around the world. In actuality, they couldn’t be more opposite; for the Cherubs are the “Warrior Angels” of the Heavens and the second-highest order, with the Seraphim being the highest order of angels. They are spoken of in the Bible no less than ninety times. In all, there so many orders of Holy Angels that to name them all would be an impossibility. In this article, I focus on those I have come to know best, through a personal relationship with angels of the Cherubic Order. It has been through this relationship that I have learned the following to be the truth behind the Cherubic Order, who they are and what they do.

In the beginning, God created the heavens. In between creating the heavens and the earth, he created the “Sons of God” also known as, the angels. What many people do not realize is that millions of years actually passed in between the heavens and the earth being created. So when it mentions in Job 38:7 “…all the sons of God shouted for joy” it was because they were there long before the earth was created.

The Cherubs were included in the makeup as part of the furnishings of the tabernacle set up in the wilderness during the time the Israelites were there. They were also used on the Ark of the Covenant, hammered in gold, facing each other. They were bowing to symbolize worship of the Creator. Each Cherub had two wings spread upward and were lapping over the cover top in a guarded protecting manner (Exodus 25:10-21 Exodus 37:7-9) In addition, the most inner coverings of the tent for the tabernacle and curtain that divided the Holy from the Most Holy had embroidered Cherub figures on it. (Exodus 26:1, 31. Exodus 36:8, 35)

At Ezekiel 10:14 their appearances are described as “Each one had four faces: the first face was that of a cherub, the second that of a man, the third that of a lion, and the fourth that of an eagle.” (Holman Christian Standard Bible) The Cherubs depicted were not grotesque or monstrous winged creatures like pagan nations depicted demonic monstrosities. When Ezekiel was instructed to lift up a dirge concerning the King of Tyre, he calls that king a glorious covering cherub that once was in Eden, the Sacred Garden of Eden; stripped of his beauty and made as ashes upon the ground. That was God’s future judgment for Satan, and it typified a like judgment for that King that thought himself a Cherub. (Ezekiel 28:11-19) Ezekiel also relates visions of the Cherubs in symbolic form. Ezekiel 1:5-28 as “living creatures.” Then he later identified them as Cherubs. (Ezekiel 9:3. Ezekiel 10:1-22. Ezekiel 11:22)

Because most of what is written in the Bible is symbolic, this is where the inconsistencies and misinterpretations between religions arise. Their description in Ezekiel is not literal, but symbolic. In actuality, the Cherubs do not actually have four faces. The first symbolic face is that of a Cherub (Their angelic look), the second as a man (because they are son’s of God), the third as a lion (because they are warriors) and the fourth of an eagle (because they see everything).” They are associated with the Creator’s own attributes that he has spawn or injected into His creations.

Genesis 3:24 mentions their role as being guardians of the garden of Eden, saying “He drove man out, and east of the garden of Eden He stationed cherubim with a flaming, whirling sword to guard the way to the tree of life.” (Holman Christian Standard Bible) This passage describes the first duty that was given to the Cherubic Order. They were the front line defenders of the garden of Eden. Since then they have had many duties, but this was their first assignment.

Satan himself was a Cherub, and he was the only Cherub to fall. His army of one-third of the heavenly hosts are made up of the lowest ranking order of angels. That rank was known in heaven as the “Celestial Order.” Aside from being messengers for the Archangel and the other orders of angels, their job also encompassed the care and maintenance of the physical universes that exist throughout creation. For this purpose, they were created. But the Cherubic Order, like the Seraphic Order, were created for special duties assigned by the Creator.

The Cherubs became the front line defenders prior to the Global Flood brought upon this planet by the Creator. After Adam and Eve were forced out of the Garden of Eden, the Creator ordered the Cherubic Order of angels to guard entry to the garden, and a flaming blade of a sword which was continually turning was to guard the way to the “Tree of Life.” The Cherubs could easily keep the human couple and their later offspring from entering the garden, but a stronger force was necessary in order to keep Satan away from the tree of life. If unhindered, he would have taken fruit from the tree and given it to Adam and Eve; so, the Creator made certain that did not happen.

As mankind grew in numbers on the Earth, Satan successfully tempted some of the Celestial Order of angels away from the Creator’s Organization. They materialized on this planet and married human women. It was no secret that they had been angels. They told the people of the pre-flood days what secrets they knew of Heaven. The marriages between the angels and humans, as well as the guarded secrets of the Heavenly Court being divulged, did not please the Creator.

Demonology and Possession

In a poll conducted by America Online, participants were asked the question, “Do you believe demonic possession happens?” 72% said they do believe possession happens and only a mere 28% of people polled said they didn’t believe demonic possession happens.

In Rome, there is a four-month course called “Exorcism and Prayer of Liberation” which is run by a Vatican university for aspiring demonologists and exorcists. In this course, students hear lectures on topics ranging from pastoral, spiritual, theological and liturgical aspects to medical, legal and criminological aspects of Satanism and demonic possession.

A demon, in conventional thought, is an entity of pure malevolence. Essentially, a demon is an element of evil consisting of Satan and his many minions. One similarity in demons among several cultures that embrace Christianity is the origin of the “head demon” which is Satan. In actuality, demons are fallen angels of the Celestial Order. These demons personify evil, pain and suffering. A demon exploits a specific weakness in a person, creates a certain suffering for a person, or wants something from a person.

Diabolic activity generally falls into three categories. Infestation, Oppression and Possession. The first, infestation, refers to those people who are harassed by a diabolic entity inside their homes. Oppression is worse. It’s when an external attack occurs on a certain person. The entity will cause fatigue, depression, weariness and it can put on “shows” to frighten the person, such as shaking a person’s bed at night while sleeping, verbally assaulting them or appearing to them in a frightening manner. The rarest and most serious of the three categories is possession. There is partial and full possession. Partial possession means a certain part of the body. Full possession means the entity takes full control of the person’s body.

To combat demonic activity, there are three types of exorcisms that can be performed. The first is liturgical. The second is a private or simple exorcism in which any one of faith can order the entity to “be gone.” The third is a “public” or formal exorcism. This type may only be carried out with authorization of a bishop and it may have to be repeated more than once.

In a recent case in which a homeowner had been plagued by demonic activity for the better part of 20 years, he asked, “Why do demons pick a particular person or place and stay for so long?”

The answer is not easy to explain. If you consider that there are millions and millions of people on this planet that never experience this type of phenomena, it tells you that there is a selection process that takes place. That being said, what makes a good “target”? Four things are to be considered.

  1. The person or persons themselves.
  2. The dwelling that they seek to possess as their own
  3. The risk of being expelled or ousted.
  4. Physical objects being brought into the home.

If you break the above four down, it goes like this:

1) Is there someone in the home that’s opening the door? Did they use a Ouija board, and in effect, stick their hand blindly into the spirit realm? When that is done incorrectly, the hand can be latched onto by the wrong side. They could be practicing witchcraft or sorcery or worshipping gods other than the Creator? Are they committing acts that would be considered vile or criminal? Or, it could be a simple attraction by a demon that is attracted to a female living in a residence. Or, perhaps it’s a female legionnaire that is attracted to a male living in a residence. They can also be brought back with someone from somewhere else. The person might have gone somewhere and were consequently followed back. Or, they could have been sent one by an agent of Satan. It might be from the top rung of the ladder, or all the way down to the bottom rung of the ladder and an all out hooded devil worshiper.

Maybe they are offended, or seeking to cause the person problems so they can move up in a job; or any number of reasons in which they might use Black Magic against them. Demons can also simply take a dislike to certain people. The person might have said something one heard and did not like. They (the demons) are like people. If they take a dislike to someone, it gets personal with them. They will remain where that person is and stay until they are either ousted or the person passes over.

2) Demons, many of them, want to be back on Earth as humans. At least those from the Biblical pre-flood days. They might try and fool you into thinking they are ghosts. Or, they might just harass you. Like Cosby said in an episode, “The kids want the house!” The demons might want your dwelling. It’s rare, but it happens. Sometimes they also stay where a person has died. It might have been a murder, or suicide, or just a normal passing. But they seek to fool people into believing they are that person. And some demons are lunatics – just like some people are. They will try to drive people insane because those demons hate humans. They blame them for the Judgment hanging over their heads. They seek revenge.

3) If the risk is low of being expelled, exorcised – ousted or whatever else might happen that would cause them to have to leave, then that dwelling is a safe bet to inhabit. There is sometimes no rhyme or reason for them picking certain individuals. But to correctly assess why they might have come there in the first place, all factors must be taken into account. If all else fails, it was a draw of the deck. The person’s card got picked by pure chance.

4) Lastly, there is the chance of physical objects having demons attached to them. They consider that object their own. If you buy it, or someone gives it to you, the demon or demons go with it. If you destroy it, you are in BIG trouble with those demons. And concerning these types of demons, Satan considered them the most unruly of his lot. They want to do what they want to do, not what they are told. So, many times Satan lets them go their way. They still add fuel to his myths of demons being powerful. But, Satan has the power to pull them to him. Satan actually is less in power than he likes people to believe, but he’s more powerful than his confederates.

The most important thing to know when faced with having to combat demons is that it’s fear that is the most powerful weapon Satan and his demons possess. Coupled with the belief that demons can do harm to you and you are in for trouble.

In so many cases in which you read about demonic activity, those being harassed become afraid of the dark because they fear the evil they believe lurks there. In reality, that evil is present even in the daylight. But the very belief that they feel they are vulnerable is what gives the demons the opening they need to harass someone. To combat them, that fear should be shut out. But, there is healthy fear also. It is fear generated from the natural instinct to survive. For example, you hear a window shattered in the middle of the night. That fear that you feel is for your safety. That is the difference. It is a different kind of fear. The other fear is generated by the mind, and it is a fear of the unknown of the spiritual world. That is the fear that Satan and his demons are permitted to work off of. It is not a healthy fear. It’s detrimental.

Something else about this type of fear is that the demons can literally smell it. It is their cue that a person’s mind’s door is open to attack. Under the Creator’s Rules, it gives them the right to enter your presence of mind. During that period, they can and will test you. It can be lengthy, which is why it’s so important to shut out that type of fear. Don’t provide the very thing the demons can and will use against you. The fact that Satan is powerful, but limited as to how he can use those powers, gives reason enough to keep the door closed to him. With the door closed, he is powerless; otherwise, he is very powerful.

It is best for a person under attack to do their own prayer for help. Whether intervention will help to end the demonic attack is determined by many factors.

If the person committed a grave sin such as murder, and they are not really repentant, then no aid will be given. In addition, the severity of the test is determined by the Creator. Only He knows all of the reasons for permitting a long drawn out test. However, even a prayer of intervention is better than no prayer at all.

What if prayer isn’t working for someone you know that is a demonic target? What should you do? If you intervene, you might be targeted by the same demonic forces you helped free someone from. It is a form of retaliation. So, try to get the person under attack to ask the Creator for help. Or, seek professional help if you are in fear of retaliation. Professional help can come in the form of someone of faith who is familiar with these types of situations such as a demonologist or a minister or priest. They offer intervention by prayer as well. If all else fails, you must determine why that person is really under such a severe test.

If you should attempt to intervene and find yourself coming under attack and you understand what you are dealing with, it will help you to overcome the dark forces that are on this planet to put all of us to the test. They are, in fact, doing the Will of the Creator. They are positioned at this location (involuntarily) to finish performing a task that started long ago. And even if you are the most faithful person to the Creator, you can still be put under a test. Remember Job from the Bible? It’s all part of this spiritual war.

To be protected from the dark forces, you need to have faith in the Creator. You also need to understand that Satan and his angels are limited in what they can do to you. Your mind is the key to your fear. If you will learn to have no fear, feel no fear and show no fear, you will be greatly safeguarded by your own inner thinking. When that doesn’t work, he uses a different approach; and believe me, he has lots of approaches. It might be to lure you to cheat on your spouse, or he might get you to commit a crime, but all of the things he tempts you into leads back to fear. Each thing you do that is immoral, you have the fear of either being found out about or being caught in the act. Fear is the object that Satan instills in his victims – whether you get it up front, or at a later time. It’s always the same game with him.

Satan and his angels are in the spirit realm on a mission. You, me, all of us are the mission as long as we are breathing. But they are limited to a great degree in what they can do to any of us. Always keep that in mind and it will help you to dispel your fear of him and his demons. Also, pray silently to the Creator and ask that your protection come in the name of his loving son, Jesus Christ. That will put you in touch with the Creator, and it will cause something else important to happen. Cherubs (Angels of the Cherubic Order) will come to where you are. You won’t be able to see them, but they will be there nonetheless. The dark forces that are harassing you will take note that they’re under a Cherub watch. When a Cherub watch occurs, the Cherubs are awaiting the Creator’s signal to take action. The demons know that it is risky to challenge the Cherubs because it could lead to their being banished. So, with this thought in mind, they usually move on to another human they hope is not as wise as the last one. But, if the demon or demons decide to challenge the Creator’s authority, it will result in a battle with the Cherubs. When that happens, they will put up a short fight and usually retreat. If they do not back off, and they continue to battle, then the Cherubs bring in more forces if needed and those fallen angels are dealt with harshly.

“Shadow People”, Converts and Demons

Question: “I’ve encountered a “Shadow Person”. After being woken up with three sharp knocks on the wall it appeared next to my bed facing me and I immediately started reciting the Lord’s Prayer inside my head while we stared at one another…and it finally went away. Was it a demon or a convert?”

Answer: “Well, actually, I think it’s a toss up between the demons and the converts. The latter are ghosts that refused entry to the light, but are not candidates for the dark realms at present. Satan makes use of these spirits because they are not denied access to the upper 2nd plane(s) of existence; however, they do fall under scrutiny by the angelic deputies, both the Powers Order that police the upper planes, and the Cherubic Order that is on the lower plane. And, the converts are permitted, for a time, to side with those who oppose. But, not all ghosts that have failed to enter the light fall under “converts.” It is only those that feel drawn to Satan in this Sovereignty Issue. As our friend has stated elsewhere on this forum, many are in limbo. They’re not finished with the affairs of their previous life. Or, they just cannot let go of their past lives on earth. It is a hard transition for some ghosts when they cross over suddenly.

Your prayer would have worked against either of the two (demons or converts), since they are both united in the same cause. But even though the converts have access to the upper plane(s), they cannot do anything more than try to convert other spirits that have not yet passed through the baptismal Light that is ever present. That is their job on the upper plane(s). On the lower plane where we exist opposite via the physical realm, they act much like Satan’s dark forces do; except, they lack angelic power. They cannot create visions like Satan or his angels do; but they could manifest enough to appear as what you described – shadows. The converts want a reality that permits unhindered free will, just like ole Satan does.

But I should also note something. The converts often work in concert with the demons when on this lower plane, so they have a combined strength. Joseph will not reveal what the strengths are of the converts. But he has told me that they possess unique abilities that the demonic forces have been stripped of. Whether any converts have been banished to dark realms or the Orange Plane, I cannot get any information about. But I do know that they were not bad people when they crossed over. But after the transition, and they saw what everything was about, they chose to take Satan’s side of the issue. All of the things going on in both the physical and the spirit planes is very involved. I’m certain there is much that I do not know about. So, that’s why I say it’s a toss up on who the culprits are. But I do know for a fact that Satan heads all operations in opposition of the Creator.

I think I should also add this for clarification. Satan once told me that he cares less about those that have passed over. He is only interested in the ones that are living physically on earth. The converts are a movement of their own on the upper plane(s). They seem to feel that if they can get enough ghosts to rally to Satan’s side, the Creator might weaken in His position. Fat chance of that. But I also feel Satan is directing the operation, even though he will deny that he is. Those ghosts work with him on earth, and I see no reason that he would not be involved in what they’re doing on the 2nd plane(s) where Satan and his angels are barred access to.

Satan tells partial truths mixed with lies. He is the “deceiver” as stated in the Holy Scriptures. He also wants to win this Spiritual war, and I do not believe he would not be directing the activity that goes on the upper plane(s). I will hear from him on this with certainty. He does not want all of this known and even more is going to be revealed whether he likes it or not. And since he has since told me that I picked the wrong location of the heavenly banishment’s casting down to the earth, I believe I must be on target. It agitated him immensely.

The converts are in a unique position. They were not slated for dark realms at the time of their transitions to the other side; but, they chose not to atone for minor sins that kept them from immediately entering the Light. So, they are given some latitude. By the Creator not barring them from the upper planes, it reveals that they’re permitted to test out the ghosts that are still waiting to enter the Light after some atonement. The converts are a product of people that were on the line, but chose to go the other direction. They could just as easily have chosen to do atonement. This is a sorting out of them by the Creator.

The converts aren’t scary looking. They’re just ghosts that have sided with Satan. They learned what the Sovereign Laws were from a counselor, and chose up sides. They’re not permitted to enter the Light. They have access to the upper planes though. It is a testing for the ghosts that have not yet atoned and entered the Light. These converts will eventually be destroyed with Satan and his forces. It’s all just part of this war between good and evil. Now do you see why the upper planes are policed by the Powers Order?

When it comes to converts, they don’t particularly care to have their existence made know publicly. Satan is operating a rouge of deceptions. Those that believe in him – the demons fear from them. Others that don’t believe, he either makes believers out of them, by his demons having some fun at scaring them. That’s how the demons view it. They do things and then watch for response. If your hair goes up on the back of your neck and your pulse is racing, they get a good laugh out of terrorizing you. If you could see them in the Spirit Realm when they pull those stunts, you would not be afraid; you would be pissed off at how funny they think it is to screw with your emotions. That’s another reason I don’t fear them.

The other tactic Satan uses is to do nothing. That makes people believe in his nonexistence.
He is very shrewd in his deceptions; but Satan has been doing this on a continuous basis with
generation after generation. As soon as one generation passes off he breaks in the next one. But, he learns from how the last generations reacted to his deceptions and so he refines his tactics.”

What is a Convert?

A convert is a ghost that passed over with “white collar” sins. Some people refer to them as “Shadow People” or “Shadow Beings”. They are not tagged for apprehension, but are denied access to entering the Light. They must attend the edge of Light House of Worship and make atonement for a time. Since they do not fall under being vile sinners at the time of transition, they commit their sins as a ghost. Not all “white collar” ghosts become converts. The ones that do are so named because they converted over to Satan’s way of thinking. They also tempt other ghosts that have not yet passed through the Light in an effort to convert them to their way of thinking.

Those people that are semi-bad, they have a mix. In the past, when they cross, they are counseled at the Edge of Light House of Worship to rid them of it; some choose to stay mixed; they become Converts. Eventually, they will all be declared negative energy. But in the interim, they are permitted to try and persuade other ghosts to come over to Satan’s side. They are one of the key elements that keep many ghosts from entering the upper planes that have passed over to the other side. They lie and say that it is to be feared; that you cannot come back if you pass through the light; that the Creator is evil, and Satan is really good. The Converts are just as bad as Satan and his demons, because they seek confederates by lying about the Truth, and the Converts will not let go of the negative energy that is a mix in their makeup.

People don’t know that the term “Crossed” over, refers to Christ on the Cross. “Crossed Over” in itself is referring to those that make transition over the Cross. You have to go through the Light, which is symbolic of going over the cross of Christ for Salvation and sanctification of his Sacrifice for Mankind. Transition is not really considered “Crossed Over.” That is not termed over there unless you pass through the Light. Holy Ghosts have crossed over. Converts are merely in the Transition stage.

The term “crossed over” should not be used instead of “transition” for those mortals that “pass over” (which is what the Holy Ghosts refer to as mortals that make transition to the other side. That term is used in connection with the Biblical “Passover” meaning: Passover to the presence of Heaven, but not yet Sanctified (the passing through the Light accomplishes that. It is Baptism by symbolic fire). So, that means that all people that have not yet gone through the Light are in a stage of Transition. It’s all lingo that is used on the other side; my guides wanted me to give an explanation so that none of you are confused when you go over there by astral travel, or at transition.

A Convert is different from a ghost that has not heard the Truth. To become a Convert, you are in trouble and cannot enter the Light until you atone. It is an infraction that did not warrant being spiritually tagged. So, that ghost goes to the Edge of Light and begins being counseled on the Truth. They reject it. Not wanting to be under Sovereign Law. That keeps them from entry to the Light, until they change their thinking – if they ever do. At this stage, they are semi-positive/ negative energy. A mix. They are free to leave back through the Azmon Barrier, or stay on the upper planes; but they are limited where they can go. They also must abide by the Rules of the War, regardless which side they’ve chosen to be on. By knowing the Truth, but declining to come under Sovereign Law in passing through the Light, they are then declared converts. But many ghosts are not converts, even though they have not passed through the Light. It’s because they have never been counseled yet. They do not go on the upper planes. They see the Azmon Barrier, and the Converts tell many of them that that is the blockade you are faced with once you go through the Light. The Holy Ghosts tell them otherwise; but many ghosts refuse to believe them. They stay down here. Eventually, all of those ghosts will be forced to make a decision, or they will be declared negative energy, just like the Converts will be.

When you think of a Convert, what do you think of? Someone nice? They weren’t nice enough to get through the Light without counseling. They were borderlines that have done something during their lives that was in need of being understood as bad, and understood that it was a sin that the Creator saw as grave, but not grave enough to land them in a dark realm. Once these ghosts realize that they must bend to the Creator and his Son Christ, they sometimes do not want to give up the idea of what they think is okay for them to do. If Satan wins they can do as they please under his limited rule. That sounds appealing to many ghosts that are opposed to Sovereign Holy Rule. They never lived it on Earth, so why should they now? Especially if there’s a possibility Satan can win this war. Those pull away. At that point, they are told that they must learn the Rules of the war, abide by them, or be declared Negative Energy and be placed into a dark realm. They learn the Rules. Then they seek to help Satan win; but, they cannot associate with the demons, because they are primarily enticing other ghosts not to enter the Light, or to leave the detention plane.

As to all the reasons they have chosen to remain outside Yahweh’s Ladder of Holy Ghosts, they are varied. It goes back to free will and dragging baggage of your past life with you when you pass over. That’s why if you put on the new personality of Christ now, you are not burdened with that hill to climb if you go there by transition at death instead of the Rapture.

Another reason some ghosts become Converts, is because the Spirit Realm appears to be a big playground. They quickly learn under counseling that when they enter the Light, they will become perfect. Then they must become a member of one of the 144,000 Holy Ghost Orders and help in the War against Satan and his demons. They are also warned that if they sin, they are cast out as negative energy, just like Satan and his demons were. The fall from perfection is one you cannot come back from. There’s no place to go but down. Yahweh will not accept you back if you fall from that status. That’s why he will not offer forgiveness to Satan or his demons. But to date, no Holy Ghost has ever been ousted. They have all remained faithful. And as in the case of the Cherubs, or any Holy Angels Order, they must continue to remain faithful even up to death, or they will not be reanimated. So, the ghosts that are in fear of not being able to stay to Yahweh’s Perfect Standards, they back off. Many toy with the idea that they can do as they please for a time, then come back for counseling at a later date and enter the Light before time runs out; especially if it looks like Satan is never going to win the War. But whatever their reasons are, there are now a large number of Converts in the ranks of the Spirit Realm. Some more vile than a demon, because they have gotten worse since they passed over and declined counseling.

Are all Spirits Demons? Do Ghosts Exist?

If that’s true, where is the proof that all spirits are demons and no ghosts exist?

“or the living know that they will die, but the dead don’t know anything. There is no longer a reward for them because the memory of them is forgotten. Ecclesiastes 9:5 (HCSB)

“Whatever your hands find to do, do with [all] your strength, because there is no work, planning, knowledge, or wisdom in Sheol where you are going.”. Ecclesiastes 9:10 (HCSB)

The living are conscious that they will die, but as for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all, neither do they any more have wages because the remembrance of them has been forgotten.

All that your hand finds to do, do with your very power, for there is no work nor devising nor knowledge nor wisdom in Sheol, the place to which you are going.”

In answer to the above, my guides inform me that that applied before the Ransom Sacrifice. If you’re born in Christ, you will be raised up at death. It is merely a transition. In fact, there are many spirits that fell in under the Ransom Sacrifice that died before Christ’s time. It was a covenant that covers all of Mankind. Where religions like the Jehovah’s Witnesses get off tract (in my mind), is that they think Man was still intended to live in perfection on the Earth as humans.

But Satan altered that Divine Plan when he lied to the first human pair. The Ransom Sacrifice put things back on track; except that the Heavenly life was introduced into the picture. Satan and his dark forces are the ones that Ecclesiastes 9:5 and 9:10 would apply to now. They’re the ones with their necks on the chopping block – not Mankind. We have a Savior that covers all of Mankind. The fallen angels are the ones that are still on the outs with the Creator. Christ did not sacrifice his life for the angels that rebelled.

At the Book of Luke 4:33-34: “In the synagogue there was a man with a spirit, an unclean demon, and he shouted with a loud voice: ‘Ah! What have we to do with you, Jesus you Nazarene? Did you come to destroy us? I know exactly who you are, the Holy One of God.” (HCSB)

Although Satan and his forces consider the Creator and Christ their enemy, they do not consider themselves equal in power. They know all life stems from the Creator. Satan wanted to be a god, but one of lessor power, because he knows the Creator is all powerful. Well, he got his wish, but not exactly what he wanted. He ended up in a war that he cannot win. He enticed and pulled other angels into this mess with him. It’s a terrible thing to know that your Creator wants to kill you someday in the future. But that’s what these fallen children of Almighty God are faced with every day of their lives, in a spiritual prison as far as they’re concerned. Their outlook is not just bleak, it is totally without hope. Revelations 20:7-10 sums it up.

“When the 1,000 years are completed, Satan will be released from his prison and will go out to deceive the nations at the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them for battle. Their number is like the sand of the sea. They came up over the surface of the earth and surrounded the encampment of the saints, the beloved city. Then fire came down from heaven and consumed them. The Devil who deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and sulfur where the beast and the false prophet are, and they will be tormented day and night forever and
ever.” (HCSB)